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    Android Question FirebaseAdMob2 My Test App not displaying test ad, Ad is blank

    Issue: I am having issues successfully implementing FirebaseAdMob2 in test mode in a test app that I have made. Having only a banner ad as adview , and while running the test app the banner ad displays blank. I have executed the following: On Google AdMob portal: I created an account today...
  2. A

    Android Question FirebaseUI issue

    Hi. I am trying to implement the FirebaseUI lib by DonManfred I followed all the steps but when i call for StartActivity of SignInIntentBuilder i get the following error...
  3. MarkusR

    Android Question Why i can't parent a customview to a scrollview in designer?

    Why i can't parent a customview or panel to a (horizontal)scrollview in designer?
  4. MarkusR

    Android Question Issue with WebView and Pages from Node-RED

    it seems that webview can not display pages from Node-RED server (v0.19.4). it looks ok in chrome browser but at webview it is just white. example page in chrome browser:
  5. MarkusR

    Bug? Rename Classes let a copy in the folder

    hello, i renamed many classes and today i see the old file is still there in folder. create save rename save there a 2 files. please delete the old one in trash can or just rename it.
  6. MarkusR

    Android Question end app

    hello, me saw that if me using Activity.Finish in main Activity and click then at the app icon again the Activity will created again and all variables here are still there with used values before i closed the activity. Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be declared once when...
  7. MarkusR

    Android Question [Solved] Post JSON to MS Web API

    [solved] Hello, i have a client app at phone (b4a) and a web server with iis and a vs studio 2017 web api project. i will post data as json to server (i used okhttputils2) and the server should deserialize the data into a object/class. but i facing the problem that nothing is deserialized and...
  8. MarkusR

    Android Question Issue with SDK Manager Array out of bounds

    why today?
  9. MarkusR

    Android Question Problem with app sign .keystore

    i got message ( its with java jdk-9.0.1 & jdk-9.0.4