Android Question FirebaseAdMob2 My Test App not displaying test ad, Ad is blank

Andrew King

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I am having issues successfully implementing FirebaseAdMob2 in test mode in a test app that I have made.
Having only a banner ad as adview , and while running the test app the banner ad displays blank.

I have executed the following:

On Google AdMob portal:
  • I created an account today
  • Created an app (the app says review required, from what I read it is because it is not on playstore)
  • Created a test device (I used the ad ID from a test phone's settings)
In B4A:
  • I created a blank b4xpage project and inserted the banner ad code found in the example on Erel's FirebaseAdMob2 post
  • I inserted the example code for the manifest editor found on the same post
  • I added the FirebaseAdMob2 v 2.13 library reference (after downloading the latest version of B4A)
  • I am using JDK version 8 and have the path set in path configuration
  • I launched the SDK manager and verified that I have firebase-ads (Google Maven) v 19.4.0 installed
  • I replaced the App ID, Banner ID, and Device ID default code from the example with the correct codes

When I launch the code, the ad banner appears blank.
I set the backcolor of the ad banner to Red to make sure that it the view is rendering on the page and laid out properly.

When I launch the code, the adview banner does display, however it is not visible for 5 seconds until it finally displays red.
Then No test ad ever displays within the banner adview afterwards.

There are no exceptions thrown.
There is no messages printing in the output log.

I am using android-30, and the minSdkVersion is 5 while the targetSdkVersion is 30.


I downloaded the to try running their example. (My test app code is not based on this)
When running this example I get the following error: "error: method does not override or implement a method from a supertype"

My Code:
Test App Code:
#Region Shared Files
#CustomBuildAction: folders ready, %WINDIR%\System32\Robocopy.exe,"..\..\Shared Files" "..\Files"
'Ctrl + click to sync files: ide://run?file=%WINDIR%\System32\Robocopy.exe&args=..\..\Shared+Files&args=..\Files&FilesSync=True
#End Region

'Ctrl + click to export as zip: ide://run?File=%B4X%\Zipper.jar&

Sub Class_Globals
    Private Root As B4XView
    Private xui As XUI
    Dim bannerad As AdView
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize
'    B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents = True
End Sub

'This event will be called once, before the page becomes visible.
Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView)
    Root = Root1
    Dim m As MobileAds
    Wait For (m.Initialize) MobileAds_Ready
    m.SetConfiguration(m.CreateRequestConfigurationBuilder(Array(MY_DEVICE_ID))) 'optional. Array with test device ids. See unfiltered logs to find id.
    Dim AdaptiveSize As Map = GetAdaptiveAdSize
    'Add Private BannerAd As AdView in Globals sub
    bannerad.Initialize2("BannerAd", MY_AD_UNIT_ID,AdaptiveSize.Get("native"))
    bannerad.Color =
    Root.AddView(bannerad, 0, 0,  AdaptiveSize.Get("width"), AdaptiveSize.Get("height"))
End Sub

Sub GetAdaptiveAdSize As Map
    Dim ctxt As JavaObject
    Dim AdSize As JavaObject
    Dim width As Int = 100%x / GetDeviceLayoutValues.Scale
    Dim Native As JavaObject = AdSize.InitializeStatic("").RunMethod("getCurrentOrientationAnchoredAdaptiveBannerAdSize", Array(ctxt, width))
    Return CreateMap("native": Native, "width": Native.RunMethod("getWidthInPixels", Array(ctxt)), _
        "height": Native.RunMethod("getHeightInPixels", Array(ctxt)))
End Sub

Sub Ad_ReceiveAd
    Log("Adview received")
End Sub

Sub Ad_FailedToReceiveAd (ErrorCode As String)
    Log("Failed: " & ErrorCode)
End Sub

Sub Ad_AdClosed
End Sub

Sub Ad_AdOpened
End Sub

'You can see the list of page related events in the B4XPagesManager object. The event name is B4XPage.

Private Sub Button1_Click
    xui.MsgboxAsync("Hello world!", "B4X")
End Sub

I have read the admob documentation, and b4x admob documentation, as well as searched through the forum.

Without any messages, or errors, I am unsure as to why the ad is blank.

Is there something I am missing? Or have done incorrectly as to why the ad displays blank?

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Andrew King

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Blank is a healthy symptom, just wait, it will be displayed.
If appeared, never click ads, you'll be banned.
Noted. How long does it normally take for a test ad in test mode to display after setup and running the app? I figured since it was in test mode I should see some kind of default ad display at least.

Is there any method to verify that everything is working correctly without seeing anything?
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