1. erol34

    B4J Tutorial jSerial + AsyncStreamsText + com0com (virtual serial port)

    Hello friends, This is my first but not last post in forum :D When I checked B4J_chat.zip file in Erel's post, I see that there is an old .fxml designer file that can not be recognized by B4J 9.8. I succeed to convert 1.fxml to 1.bjl file and succeed to make communicate Hercules (a terminal...
  2. R

    B4J Question My EXE file obtained from "Build Standalone Package" open the Form but then close

    Can anyone give me a help ? When I run the EXE file (Terminal_01.exe) obtained from "Build Standalone Package", it opens the Form but then immediately close it. I've also noticed that the JAR file obtained (Terminal_01.jar) do not run. I've used the jSerial library in the program. See the...
  3. amorosik

    B4J Question jSerial and Windows XP 32bit

    jSerial should run correctly also on Windows Xp pro 32 bit ? I ask this because I have read this post and I do not understand well if it is only about making the project self-starting or it refers to the need to use java11 and therefore also the jSerial project is limited to running on 64-bit...
  4. yo3ggx

    B4J Question jSerial, Windows 10 and USB Serial

    Hello, I have a small application written in b4j that connects to a device over a serial COM Port (USB Serial based on CP21x02). Everything was perfect until last week, when the communication stopped working over USB/Serial. I've suspected an issue with the device or the USB/Serial Interface...
  5. M

    B4J Question How to catch e re-throw "Port not found" exception?

    Hello Evryone! I use jSerial library to connect to some device on serial/usb port. I've a class that manage the connection with the devices and I'd like to catch the "Port not found" exception if the specified port doesn't exist. I've used this code in the class that manage the connections: Sub...