B4J Tutorial jSerial + AsyncStreamsText + com0com (virtual serial port)

Hello friends,

This is my first but not last post in forum :D When I checked B4J_chat.zip file in Erel's post, I see that there is an old .fxml designer file that can not be recognized by B4J 9.8. I succeed to convert 1.fxml to 1.bjl file and succeed to make communicate Hercules (a terminal program) and B4J chat program by using AsyncStreamsText module. These are not a victory for a professional but for me it is. I explained usage of com0com (virtual serial port emulator) and Hercules in my blog.. Blog is in Turkish but you can translate it to your language easily by using the widget on the left side.
I also attached working B4J program.. Thanks to @Erel for useful modules like AsyncStreamsText and for all..



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