1. M

    Android Question Publishing an application on play store....licenses and royalties doubts

    Hi to alls, i've build an android application in Kotlin, and it use these libraries : implementation "androidx.camera:camera-core:${camerax_version}" implementation "androidx.camera:camera-camera2:${camerax_version}" implementation...
  2. SJQ

    Android Question 3D Gaming Toolkit

    Hello All, following on from all the great work on the new 2D gaming libraries Erel has been working on would any of you guys have any idea how to integrate the AGK Toolkit. AGK is itself a 3D/2D Gaming Toolkit that uses Code blocks as an IDE and doesn't have its own IDE, its a great 3D & 2D...
  3. cxdzbl

    Android Question Hope that the official production of kotlin packaged b4a library tutorials

    I use second of https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/wrapping-kotlin-code-and-libraries-for-b4a.91462/'s video, because of the problem of language, video has no text, depending on learning is very complex. I hope the government can publish a more detailed picture and text tutorial, thank you.
  4. moster67

    B4A Library B4AClayView - Crop and image trimming

    B4AClayView - Crop and image trimming And here is another Image Cropping and Trimming-library :). You can use this to trim the outline of an image and create your own custom shape. You can also undo your previous trimming actions. Source/Creator: https://github.com/line/clay I wrapped this...
  5. moster67

    Android Tutorial Wrapping Kotlin code and libraries for B4A

    In this thread, I am publishing a series of 3 videos to show you how you can wrap Kotlin code and libraries to be used within your B4A-projects. In order to really appreciate the content, you should already have some knowledge of wrapping code/libraries for the B4X-platform. I am not actually...