Android Tutorial Wrapping Kotlin code and libraries for B4A


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In this thread, I am publishing a series of 3 videos to show you how you can wrap Kotlin code and libraries to be used within your B4A-projects.

In order to really appreciate the content, you should already have some knowledge of wrapping code/libraries for the B4X-platform. I am not actually showing how to write your wrapper code, since you are probably already familiar with this, but rather the steps that need to be taken.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert and there may be better ways of wrapping Kotlin for B4A (and B4J) but the approach I have used seems to work fine so I thought I would share it.

I realized that the videos are not that sharp but if you watch them in HD resolution, they should be OK. Anyway, these videos are not dealing so much about coding but more about the procedure involved.

You can find the tutorials/videos here:
The first and the third video have automated subtitles but the 2nd one does not (probably I spoke with a too low voice).

When I find some time, I will try to write a shorter written tutorial which I will post in this thread.

I hope you will enjoy the videos and they may be useful for you.
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Thank you moster67 , interesting. But can not you subtitle it in Italian? :p
Goggle Traslate does not work with audio :(


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Thank you very much
I will learn it, but can you write subtitle or ducument txt in english for us??


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A similar thing had started @Jamie8763 in this thread.

Who knows maybe in future Aniwhere will add the command

#if kOTLIN :D:D:D