1. carlos7000

    Android Question Is it possible to include a library inside another?

    If I create a library that depends on others, is it possible to include other libraries on which my library depends?
  2. xXswetXx19

    Android Question Interact with a list component of b4a from java jar library

    I have a interface made with b4a, i have a list that i want to fill each time my library jar receive a event, the library is working receiving events, i only need to interact the library with b4a but i cant do it in real time. can you help me?
  3. yo3ggx

    B4J Question MacSigner with native libraries

    I have an application that use two native libraries: jssc.dylib and libopus.dylib. The application is running as expected when linked with MacSigner and the native files for the x86-64 architecture are copied in the temp/build/lib folder. When I package the application with MacSigner and I'm...
  4. M

    Android Question Publishing an application on play store....licenses and royalties doubts

    Hi to alls, i've build an android application in Kotlin, and it use these libraries : implementation "${camerax_version}" implementation "${camerax_version}" implementation...
  5. walterf25

    iOS Question Library creation issue

    Hi all, it's been a very long time I haven't done anything with B4i, I recently just renewed my license for both B4i and Apple developer, I decided to continue working on a library I had started working on a while back, I have set everything up, the library files have compiled just fine without...
  6. D

    Android Question Library for audio synthesis

    Hi everybody! Thank you Erel for this great thing! I have been using B4A for a long time, and decided to improve some sound synthesis projects. I used AudioTrack library because I need to synthesize sound mathematically - noises and waves as data arrays. It works great so far. But I see a lot...
  7. Carlos marin

    Android Question Library creation error, Context.getApplicationContext() error

    Hello friends, I would like you to help me with my concerns, I am new to this topic of creating libraries so I try to understand but in the following I have not found a solution. I am creating a wrapper of an SDK, in the first part I must initialize it and get the ok or the error of said...
  8. Carlos marin

    Zendesk SDK iOS and Android wrapper

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the Zendesk SDK wrapper, both for iOS and Android, with all its services: SUPPORT SDK Zendesk Guide ANSWER BOT SDK CHAT SDK V2 TALK SDK The SDK link is as follows: You can...
  9. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation QR image generator library

    This library is concise. It takes a string and converts it into a QR image that can be displayed in an imageview. CreateQRImg(txt As String, filePath As String, size As Int, imgType As String) '//Parameters 'txt: the string to be converted to QR image 'filePath: path of the generated image file...
  10. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4A Library Paystack B4A Android Library

    Paystack B4A Android Library This is a library for easy integration of Paystack with your Android application with B4A. Use this library in your B4A project. Summarized flow Collect user's details such as email & name Initialize the transaction Call the Initialize Transaction endpoint App...
  11. R

    Android Question Realname library

    Hello there, I don't know why some b4a libraries have been deleted on my pc. Now I can't find the real name of the libraries.I have looked for them in the forum and I cannot find them How can I find it?. Does anyone know the real name of these? thanks
  12. Guenter Becker

    Android Question TechDoc G. Becker B4XLibs, Apps and PC Software

    Dear Board Member, like to find something special? Please find below an overview of all my work published in the forum. I wrote this list to make live easier for you. Interested in TechDoc? This is a German one man 'show' for industrial it consulting, training and software development. Since...
  13. H

    Android Question Unable to load CircleMenu example , need help

    Hi I am trying to Run example Circle Menu, and i am getting errors, Main - 46: Undeclared variable 'menu' is used before it was assigned any value. Main - 44: Undeclared variable 'menu' is used before it was assigned any value. Main - 42: Undeclared variable 'menu' is used before it was...
  14. S

    Android Question Wrap Library With B4A (Help)

    Hi I Tried to wrap Some library by B4A. I Want Add Some Code And Links "(copy)" in Library methods. Like This: How can I do it? šŸ¤”
  15. Ibrahim Saleh

    Library Wrapping Team

    So the latest news about B4a being free is totally amazing, I a lot of people must be appreciating it I know I am. That being said I think to get to the next level b4x must have a robust combination of libraries since that is one of its best features. The current libraries are advance and can do...
  16. P

    Android Question App crashes without any error

    Hello my app was working fine until i came to work on it but there was an error -> Maven artifact not found: (It was working before this error) So i opened sdk manager and selected AND...
  17. L

    Android Question Third part library - JavaObject

    Hi All, I have to intercept, from an Android device, an event raised from a library of the device. I added the library with #AdditionalJar: companyregdevicelibrary In this library there is an "IButton" object that I initialize with JavaObject Dim CompDevice As JavaObject...
  18. J

    B4R Question Other libraries

    For some reason the only DHT library that works with my module is the "simpleDHT" library in the arduino libraries running under the arduino ide. My question is how do i point B4R to this library instead of the B4R Dht library which i cannot get to work...I only get zeros..where the simpleDHT...
  19. kolbe

    C/C++ Question How to handle a pointer to a Byte

    I'm trying to wrap a pn532 library and not sure how to handle a pointer to a byte. This method is suppose to provide the uid length when called so it needs to stay a pointer. The original library method is the following. bool readPassiveTargetID(uint8_t cardbaudrate, uint8_t * uid, uint8_t *...
  20. A

    Android Question MQTT library for B4A

    Hello, I am now trying the chat MQTT example by Erel, but it shows (on B4A) that a library of MQTT and MQTT broker is missing. I didn't find any MQTT library for B4A... Does anybody know how to download the MQTT library for B4A? Thanks in advance