1. A

    Android Question app crashed (using class-contactsutils provides read write access to the stored contacts)

    Hi Erel, I tried to use the library you uploaded: this is my code(activity_create): If FirstTime Then Activity.LoadLayout("MAIN") cu.Initialize End If...
  2. A

    Android Question how to add library?

    Hi I am new to b4a, and sometimes I see libraries that I can download (for example, but I dont know can i add it to the libraries... I tried to upload the .jar file to the project files manager, but it...
  3. aedwall

    Android Question Finding and downloading libraries

    What's the best way to find the libraries that are needed by b4a Bridge? Are they all in one place? It seems I have to search all over the place to find where the .zip files are located. There must be a better way. I know what libraries are required by this project, but it seems I have to do a...