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Ibrahim Saleh

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So the latest news about B4a being free is totally amazing, I a lot of people must be appreciating it I know I am. That being said I think to get to the next level b4x must have a robust combination of libraries since that is one of its best features. The current libraries are advance and can do then job well, but if someone wants but makes high-end apps with b4a, some libraries are missing or not up-to-date. The other day I had an idea of a team of the most advanced experts in B4a becoming a team. Their essential work would be to wrapping library on-request when the community has a high request for a specific library( ex. Google Pay, Advance Http Server, etc.) they would build a library for it. Then as compensation, they would submit a fee for there work and the community would crowdfund this library. Because of the high demand for that requested library before it was built, I think this monetization model could work very well for those developers.
Now I'm not that very well with Java coding, but I have become an expert coder with B4a and it would be a lot of help for us guys who have advanced knowledge of b4a but don't want to switch to other programming language.
Also B4i is missing lot of libraries that could be necessary to have a cross-platform app in the functionality field. I think the the UI/UX field is okay.