1. R

    Android Question Updating a list of 1D string arrays

    Experimenting with B4XTable and in that the data is set with a list of arrays. Now in these arrays I have Excel dates and I need to alter these to tick dates and I do this with this code fragment: For c = 0 To arrDataTypes.Length - 1 If arrDataTypes(c) = "XD" Then...
  2. E

    Android Question Match list and csv file

    Hi everybody! I have a list like [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] and a csv file (text.csv) like this: game1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 game2, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 game3, 10, 11, 12, 13 I need to seek in csv file wich list numbers match and presents something like this: game1: match 1 number game2: match 2 numbers game3...
  3. M

    Android Question [B4X] Update value of an item in CustomListView

    Hi everyone, is it possibile to update the value of an item of a custom list view? because i do not see any method for this, the only way i figured out is to: save the view using .GetPanel save the value using .GetValue update the value replace the item using .ReplaceAt and using the new value...
  4. carlos7000

    Spanish Problema al extraer datos de una lista. [Solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratando de pasar parte del contenido de un archivo csv a una base de dato sqlite. Para ello escribí una funcion de prueba. Este es el código. Public Sub CargaDatos Dim SU As StringUtils Dim AirPorts As List = SU.LoadCSV(File.DirAssets, "ejemplo.csv", ",")...
  5. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Double column multiple card element sizes like Pinterest

    Hi everyone, what is the best way to achieve this type of list nowadays? I know I could do it by using two CLVs that scrolls together but I'm afraid of glitches (like jerky movements between the two on shitty-smartphone like mine) The features I'm interested in are: Two columns each column...
  6. carlos7000

    Spanish Inicializar CustomListView [Solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Tengo una pequeña aplacion que funciona, pero a veces se bloquea. Al bloquearse aparese un mensaje informando que un objeto List, no se ha iniciaalizado. Ya he verificado todo el codigo y todos los list se inicializan corretamente, creo. Pero note que un CustomListView no se...
  7. M

    iOS Question Get list of connected bluetooth devices

    Hi everyone, I'm just sketching ideas for an app, and before I start doing practical things I want to be sure that what I'm thinking is possibile to do. The question is: It's possibile to retrive a list of the currently connected bluetooth devices to my phone? Example: My iPhone can be...
  8. A

    Android Question b4xtable.setdata

    Hi, I try b4xtable, but when I call .setdata I have this error Col 0 Trasporto merci Col 0 Trasporto merci e rel. posizionamento Col 0 Trasporto rifiuti Col 0 Trasporto eccezionale Col 0 Sollevamento Col 0 Pulizia industriale Col 0 Ricondizionamento rifiuti Col 0 Demolizione/smontaggio impianti...
  9. aeric

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Refresh B4XPreferenceDialog Options from Updated List

    The options work very well in project without database. When I wanted to refresh the options from updated database, the option is not updated. In attached project, go to "Page 3" from MainPage and click on button "Show Options", the options show 3 items. Click on button "Add Option" then click...
  10. Mark Read

    B4J Question [Solved] How to get an object from a tag

    I have a series of six buttons which all have almost the same code. They only use a different list. The lists are called f1 to f6. The list name I have put into the tag property but cannot get the code to call the proper list. The lists are dimensioned, initialised and filled in a different sub...
  11. C

    Android Question Can I modify a custom type, while it's already used in a database list?

    I'm using a custom type that consists of keys like title, text, datetime, keywords etc. My simple "database" is just a list of hundreds of these. The problem is that as for now I'm using their Unix times to identify them, and that was a big mistake, as due to how the app works there will be...
  12. Rasoull

    Android Question Read List Contain type

    Hello, I have a list whose items are custom type. The list is stored in memory with Jsongenerator, but when I read those types, they are recognized as a string. How can I read the types from the list?
  13. A

    b4a 与 支付功能 , to MR.aeric

    MR.aeric: 你好 ,b4a 是 一个 让人 喜欢 的 开发工具 , 在 使用 中 ,遇到 一些 问题 ,难以 解答 ,幸好 ,遇见 您 这位 能懂 中文 的 专家 , 有些 问题 需要 向您 求 问 , 一 , b4a 与 支付功能 , 这个 问题 ,查 了 一些 资料 ,感到 难以 入手 ,不知道 从 哪里 下手 , b4a 中 ,是否 可以 使用 中国内 流行 的 微信支付 功能 , 支付宝 支付 功能 ? 如果 可以 ,那么 ,应该 使用 什么样 的 句子 调用 这个 功能 , 感觉 ,似乎 是 调用 接口 , 从 网络 资料 获知 ,...
  14. A

    Android Question many view use one and the same class module

    'i have a question about class and list and many view , 'What to deal with is , many EditText placed on form , 'if the value(text) of any EditText is changed then the backcolor of it will be changed , 'i used class module in vb , it can fulfil the task , the following is code the followring...
  15. A

    Android Question Sender for List

    Hello. I have: Sub Globals Dim lstViews As List Here's how I form a List: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) lstViews.Initialize For Each vw As View In Activity lstViews.Add(vw) Next As a result, I would like to track the Click event to various objects, the...
  16. epiCode

    Android Question Array in List

    memtable is list storing array at location Index Dim StrArr() As List = memtable.get(Index) lbheading.Text=StrArr(vheading) <-- causes java.lang.RuntimeException: Method: Get not found in: java.lang.Integer vheading is integer with value 5 however watch expression...
  17. M

    Bug? List.IndexOf not working as supposed to do

    Hi everyone, why this simple line of code, is not working? I don't understand what could be the problem.. seems so straight forward... That sub simply loads two lists with numbers, then i want to see if the contents are different, so as soon as IndexOf returns -1 i proceed with the rest of the...
  18. dotdre2

    Android Question B4a Get label from listview

    Hi, How I can get label name from my list ? example: Dim list As ListView Sub createLine list.AddSingleLine2("label","value") EndSub Sub getLabel 'And How I can get "label" from this list ???' EndSub
  19. A

    iOS Question Problem with CLV

    Hi all. I have a problem with CLV. In my app I have a list of messages grouped by sender and it shows only subj of each message. This list in webview. On click I select a message ID and based on this ID I open messagedetails screen where I select from my database all the messages linked to the...
  20. Hadi57

    Android Question how to get a List from Map after write and read the map.

    Probably a beginner problem. but i can't get a list in map after Write it and Read again. i get this error message: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.List Dim mapSetting As Map mapSetting.Initialize Dim List1 As List...