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    b4a 与 支付功能 , to MR.aeric

    MR.aeric: 你好 ,b4a 是 一个 让人 喜欢 的 开发工具 , 在 使用 中 ,遇到 一些 问题 ,难以 解答 ,幸好 ,遇见 您 这位 能懂 中文 的 专家 , 有些 问题 需要 向您 求 问 , 一 , b4a 与 支付功能 , 这个 问题 ,查 了 一些 资料 ,感到 难以 入手 ,不知道 从 哪里 下手 , b4a 中 ,是否 可以 使用 中国内 流行 的 微信支付 功能 , 支付宝 支付 功能 ? 如果 可以 ,那么 ,应该 使用 什么样 的 句子 调用 这个 功能 , 感觉 ,似乎 是 调用 接口 , 从 网络 资料 获知 ,...
  2. A

    Android Question many view use one and the same class module

    'i have a question about class and list and many view , 'What to deal with is , many EditText placed on form , 'if the value(text) of any EditText is changed then the backcolor of it will be changed , 'i used class module in vb , it can fulfil the task , the following is code the followring...
  3. A

    Android Question Sender for List

    Hello. I have: Sub Globals Dim lstViews As List Here's how I form a List: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) lstViews.Initialize For Each vw As View In Activity lstViews.Add(vw) Next As a result, I would like to track the Click event to various objects, the...
  4. mohsyn

    Android Question Array in List

    memtable is list storing array at location Index Dim StrArr() As List = memtable.get(Index) lbheading.Text=StrArr(vheading) <-- causes java.lang.RuntimeException: Method: Get not found in: java.lang.Integer vheading is integer with value 5 however watch expression...
  5. M

    Bug? List.IndexOf not working as supposed to do

    Hi everyone, why this simple line of code, is not working? I don't understand what could be the problem.. seems so straight forward... That sub simply loads two lists with numbers, then i want to see if the contents are different, so as soon as IndexOf returns -1 i proceed with the rest of the...
  6. dotdre2

    Android Question B4a Get label from listview

    Hi, How I can get label name from my list ? example: Dim list As ListView Sub createLine list.AddSingleLine2("label","value") EndSub Sub getLabel 'And How I can get "label" from this list ???' EndSub
  7. A

    iOS Question Problem with CLV

    Hi all. I have a problem with CLV. In my app I have a list of messages grouped by sender and it shows only subj of each message. This list in webview. On click I select a message ID and based on this ID I open messagedetails screen where I select from my database all the messages linked to the...
  8. Hadi57

    Android Question how to get a List from Map after write and read the map.

    Probably a beginner problem. but i can't get a list in map after Write it and Read again. i get this error message: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.List Dim mapSetting As Map mapSetting.Initialize Dim List1 As List...
  9. A

    Android Question Sort a List of Type with multiple criterias [SOLVED]

    Hello All, I'm looking to sort a List of Type with multiple criterias. As far as I understand, List.SortType(), is capable to sort only one criteria. So, how to do such kind of multiple sort? Example (expected behavior) Type(Val1 as String, Val2 as String, Val3 as Int) all type values are...
  10. M

    Android Question Hand Draw on Google Maps

    Hi everyone, i never done something like this, so i ask to understand if this is possibile. I need to draw an area on a Map (google maps): It's possibile to draw directly moving the finger on the screen and "convert" this spline in a list of point to give to google maps? I know that this isn't...
  11. Programing Center

    Android Question Randomize the list

    Hi, i have a List and i want to Randomize my List For example my List content is : Dim listview As ListView Dim list As List list.Initialize list.Add("Banana") list.Add("home") list.Add("car") list.Add("cat") list.Add("B4a") For i = 0 To list.Size -1 listview.AddSingleLine(list.Get(i))...
  12. Mrphone

    Android Question Search the list

    Hello everyone :D I have a text (.txt) file that I will convert to a list using the following command 👇 Dim data as list data.Initialize data = File.ReadList(File.DirAssets,"Number.txt") How can I search in this list ??! And put the result back on the list
  13. saeed10051

    B4J Question How to populate Tableview with a json string

    I am running jokhttputils2 and json parser to get a json string from an online database. I have a Tableview on my java app which i want to populate with the data received in the json string. I am running following code for that Sub loadlistview Dim Table As List Dim p As JSONParser Dim res As...
  14. Humberto

    Share My Creation Hands Free Notes a To Do List with Voice Commands

    Hand Free Notes (HFN) is a To Do List program where you can write down your thoughts, tasks to do, supermarket list in an organized and practical way. Our great advantage is that you can do all of this through voice commands. So you're in your car and you remember to do something, you have a...
  15. saeed10051

    Android Question initialize error for list

    Hi, i am declaring a list in Process sub global and initializing it in Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) List1.Initialize List1.AddAll(Array As Int(1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10)) if i run following code in activity create, it runs fine For i = 0 To 9 Log(List1.Get(i)) Next however if i...
  16. M

    iOS Question Custom Items in NavigationBar

    Hi everyone, I wish to do an nicer app by using some custom UI elements. It's possibile to achieve this type of result? (specifically che horizontal list in the navigation bar) Thanks in advance :D
  17. aeric

    Share My Creation Todo List (source code)

    todo-B4A Made with ❤ in B4X Source code: YouTube tutorial: For B4i: Update on 13 Aug 2021: Uploaded to Play store to test new App Bundle...
  18. 3

    Italian lista di scelte

    Ho un' app che avevo sviluppato con Basic4A versione 3.20 adesso la sto passando alla versione 9. Alcune cose non mi funzionano più, per esempio io facevo questo: sembrerebbe che x.InputList1 non esista in questa versione Dim r As List r.Initialize r.AddAll(Array As...
  19. DALB

    Android Question Is a list able to keep panels properties ?

    Hello eveyone. Technical question about "what can a list do ?" Is a list able to store panels like this : list.add(panel(i)) if yes, are all the properties of each panel stored in the list enabled or not ? I ask this to know if I can call any panel with it all properties in my code from the...
  20. Daniel44

    Android Question (SOLVED)List Can't be used in a BXTable

    Helo everyone! I have a Standart Class Called Productos like this: Public Sub SelectAll(Filtro As String) As List Dim Cursor As Cursor Dim Data As List Data.Initialize() Cursor = Connection.mySQL.ExecQuery2("SELECT * FROM productos WHERE NombreProd LIKE ?", Array As...