1. Dave O

    Bug? convert string to long - still broken?

    In B4A 12.20 (64-bit version), I'm having trouble converting a string to a long: The string is a UUID (e.g. "997203633536585465") which I generate by multiplying 2 random Ints. But assigning it to a Long variable yields the slightly different value of "997203633536585472", which feels like a...
  2. mcorbeel

    Android Question Convert string to long issue

    I am trying to convert a string of digits to a long value. On B4i it works fine, but on B4X it does not. Dim t As String = "405006951190111400" Log("t=" & t) Dim i As Long = t Log("i=" & i) This gives: t=405006951190111400 i=405006951190111424 Why is the i value different? How can I fix this?
  3. Brian Michael

    Android Question Label Long Text - View More

    Hi, does any body knows how to create something like: View More And then the long text expand
  4. magicmars

    Android Question TTSID - Long time to initialize

    Hi, I'm using TTSID library in some Andoid apps. I have noticed that (even with the simplest app) the initialisation of this library can be sometimes very long on some devices (about 5/10 seconds). During that time, the app stop responding (even layout animations hangs) , while waiting for the...
  5. R

    Android Question Wrong Long Data Type

    I have created a function to count my seconds since January 30, 1899. This function returns a result that is over 3,000,000,000. I thought of using a long, but when effect multiplication has a negative result. What kind of data should I use? I also tried with float and double without success...
  6. rleiman

    Android Question Converting integer values to ticks long value

    Hi Everyone, If I have 3 separate integer values representing a time such like: Dim intHours As Int = 10 Dim intMinutes As Int = 30 Dim IntSeconds As Int = 0 for the actual time of 10:30:00, can you tell me how to convert those 3 integers into a ticks long value so I can pass it to...