1. MarkusR

    Java Question [solved] android.content.Context in B4A ?

    i need help for my android lib i need init my class in b4a with a android.content.Context because GLSurfaceView have this in the constructor. android library part in android studio import android.content.Context; import android.opengl.GLSurfaceView; import android.view.View...
  2. MarkusR

    Java Question [solved] create the XML file that describes the file to the IDE for a jar file / library

    ömm, i have a 3d example for android studio and me thought i can make my own library there for using in b4a. i know how to make a java library .jar in android studio project and now i need this .xml for b4a ide. is there maybe a online service to just upload a .jar and get a .xml out? or just a...
  3. MarkusR

    Android Question Mainstream 3d lib?

    hello, i will use 3d in b4a. i found open gl 2 lib but open gl es is total unhandy. i have some experience with open gl for pc and for mobil devices everything i know is missing there. i just need some 3d primitives, 3d text, 3d lines. .. currently i started a android library in android studio...
  4. MarkusR

    Wish AssetsFolder in ide did not list my sub folders

    i have an issue (in B4A 7.80) , i put a three.js-master folder with one example in Files folder but at synchronize in ide it not appear and in ide/activity said file not found. i try to open the html file in web view, it was more or less a experiment if 3d view is possible. (323 files in 41...
  5. MarkusR

    new app design idea

    i think its wrong to sale a static app. if we make/sale app modules that the enduser (or maybe a software developer) can connect its more useful. something like plug & play. there is so much waste in duplicated effort & time & money. so much apps contains the same and exists parallel. it...
  6. MarkusR

    iOS Question B4i IDE environment

    i not have this product, can i use the ide at windows pc and mac? as i understand: at windows pc the ide use a mac (i have a mac mini) for compile and then it copy via B4I-Bridge app to phone. at mac it will compile direct and show the app in xcode phone emulator or push it to the phone via...
  7. MarkusR

    Android Question librarys description database

    is there a public database with a list of librarys, her methods and events? in mssql or sqllite format, or csv / excel / xml? the base of this page here starting at Libraries
  8. MarkusR

    Android Question company employee authentication?

    what is the best practice to authenticate only user in a app that belongs the company? i considered that the user should authentication via his company account mail & password as ms office 365. or maybe via active directory and web api? any suggestions?
  9. MarkusR

    Android Question [solved] Regex i need "name1.name2" into "Name1 Name2"

    hello, is there a way to replace the first char of a word into uppercase? i have "name1.name2" i need "Name1 Name2" User = User.Replace( "."," ") User = Regex.Replace( "\b[a-z]",User, "$0") ???
  10. MarkusR

    Share My Creation B4A Checkbox List Pop-up UI Class

    hello, today i made a class to pop up a list selection with checkboxes (in a scrollview) from a key value map inside a activity. after ok click the map is updated. note: i think a better solution is using a extra activity and jump into with CallSubDelay2 and then jump back where it comes from...
  11. MarkusR

    Android Question [solved] how to use the List.Sort ??? (issue with utf-8 byte order mark from notepad editor)

    i have a textfile in utf-8 and this code but the list is not sorted. (7.80) i put a A at top of the file and a Z an the end. Dim problems As List = File.ReadList(File.DirAssets,"problems.txt") problems.Sort(True) Dim i As Int For i = 0 To problems.Size-1...
  12. MarkusR

    Android Question [Solved] Post JSON to MS Web API

    [solved] Hello, i have a client app at phone (b4a) and a web server with iis and a vs studio 2017 web api project. i will post data as json to server (i used okhttputils2) and the server should deserialize the data into a object/class. but i facing the problem that nothing is deserialized and...
  13. MarkusR

    Share My Creation Projects Librarys List / Search

    hi, i made a b4j (b4x) tool, it searching for all projects files and get the library information of it. then you can search by name and sort the first column.
  14. MarkusR

    Wish Libary Names in IDE

    @Erel i like to see if the used librarys are from the Community or Extern Folder i tryed to change the version or name but it is not shown in the ide libary list or run into error at version. can you make that the ide understand this:
  15. MarkusR

    Share My Creation B4A Clock 24 Widget

    Here is my 24 hour clock as Widget Project. V 09.03.2018 i useing a dot for the seconds now and i set the service as foreground. (it is possible that this Widget drawing also if it is not visible, i am open for improvements ..)
  16. MarkusR

    Android Question Issue with SDK Manager Array out of bounds

    why today?
  17. MarkusR

    Android Question Event from CustomView Class to Activity Modul?

    is there a Simple way to create a event in a Customview to catch this Event in the Activity Modul? something like CustomView: Sub ButtonFinish_Click RaiseEvent Ready(1) End Sub --- Activity: Sub Ready(a as int) End Sub
  18. MarkusR

    Android Question Problem with app sign .keystore

    i got message ( its with java jdk-9.0.1 & jdk-9.0.4
  19. MarkusR

    B4A Library Clock 24

    as the title said, a custom view of my 24 hour clock (just for fun) build into a library. unzip into libraries folder or your extra librarys folder, then refresh library list in ide and select Clock24. for download link please scroll to 1.04 the idea behind my 24 hour clock view...
  20. MarkusR

    Wish build in StartActivityForResult

    i like to have additionally StartActivityForResult build in with event name for result its cleaner code without extra subs and javaobject lib in any project. or better if the result comes here in Activity_Resume. so we can use extern apps like this as barcode reader or something else Dim...