Italian [B4A] Firebase : notifica solo quello più recente

    Buongiorno, in riferimento a questo vecchio progetto creato da Erel Vi risulta che se mando 2 notifiche ... uno di seguito all'altra , vi visualizza solo l'ultima inviata ? Grazie
  2. N

    Android Question Open a APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS via intent - Android 9 and 10

    Hi, I need to open notifications settings via intent, on Android 7 I used the this code below and works fine, but in Android 9 or 10 it returns "activity not found". Dim in1 As Intent in1.Initialize("android.settings.APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS", "") Dim jo As JavaObject in1.PutExtra("app_uid"...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Widget creates additional notification

    Greetings, I noticed if I place a widget on the phone's home screen an additional notification is created. Can I prevent the app from creating the additional notification? The attached screen shot will show the added notification created. I have only one area in the app that creates a...
  4. O

    Android Question Simple way to play the configured notification sound when a button is pressed

    Looking for a way to simply play the configured notification sound when the user hits a utton
  5. M

    Android Question Firebase notification arrives only with app running

    Hi everyone, i used this tutorials: In the second one @Erel shows that he kills all the app in...