1. J

    Android Question Show notification in non collapsed state?

    I have notification with action buttons. But the buttons are not visible in the default display state, they must be expanded. Can the notification be shown in an expanded (non collapsed) state?
  2. Duque

    Android Question CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS android 12+

    This worked fine up to android 11 I am referring to this same case 6 years later. Dim intent As Intent intent.Initialize("android.intent.action.CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS", "") 'close the notifications drawer Dim p As Phone p.SendBroadcastIntent(intent) Don't scold me, I spent the whole day reading...
  3. KMatle

    Android Example Firebasemessaging (FCM): Receive messages in doze/sleep mode

    Issue: Device doesn't receive FCM messages while in sleep/doze mode Important to know: Google uses 2 different api's with different keywords So: = legacy mode =v1 More info's: FCM...
  4. S

    iOS Question Firebase notifications don't arrived

    Faced with such an interesting problem. I use firebase for chat app on andoid and ios. When I send a message from android, everything works well (the notification will be sent to both ios and android), but when I send a message from ios, it will only be sent to android and sub...

    Android Question Send Push Notification with Node.js

    Hello Everyone! I send push notification by Node.js it sent successfully and in b4a message successfully received! but message content is empty it's node.js code help me! @Erel @DonManfred
  6. D

    Android Question Gray icon in Notifications

    Hello everyone! I faced such a problem: on some devices and the emulator the notification icon is gray, while on my phone (HONOR 9X) the icon is colored and everything is fine. I also used the class Notification, and now I use NB6. Nothing has changed, can anyone have encountered such a problem...
  7. D

    Android Question firebase notifications with time constraints

    Hello everybody :) I have a small question. I am using Firebase to send notifications, can I somehow limit them in time? For example send / receive message from 8 am to 8 pm? I will be glad to any answer best regards
  8. A

    Android Question EditText and NB6

    I recently saw that whatsapp allows you to reply to messages in the notification bar. Is it possible to insert an EditText with NB6, to receive texts? If not possible with NB6, is there an alternative? I looked here on the Forum and I didn't find it.
  9. MARCO C.

    Italian [B4A] Firebase : notifica solo quello più recente

    Buongiorno, in riferimento a questo vecchio progetto creato da Erel Vi risulta che se mando 2 notifiche ... uno di seguito all'altra , vi visualizza solo l'ultima inviata ? Grazie
  10. N

    Android Question Open a APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS via intent - Android 9 and 10

    Hi, I need to open notifications settings via intent, on Android 7 I used the this code below and works fine, but in Android 9 or 10 it returns "activity not found". Dim in1 As Intent in1.Initialize("android.settings.APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS", "") Dim jo As JavaObject in1.PutExtra("app_uid"...
  11. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Widget creates additional notification

    Greetings, I noticed if I place a widget on the phone's home screen an additional notification is created. Can I prevent the app from creating the additional notification? The attached screen shot will show the added notification created. I have only one area in the app that creates a...
  12. O

    Android Question Simple way to play the configured notification sound when a button is pressed

    Looking for a way to simply play the configured notification sound when the user hits a utton
  13. M

    Android Question Firebase notification arrives only with app running

    Hi everyone, i used this tutorials: In the second one @Erel shows that he kills all the app in...