1. carlos7000

    Spanish Donde están mis archivos? SOLUCIONADO

    Hola. Cree una pequeña aplicación para guardar datos que recoge en File.DirInternal La aplicación muestra como ruta a los archivos Pero ni en el almacenamiento principal, ni en el externo(MicroSd) aparecen. Se que los archivos existen porque la función If File.Exists(File.DirInternal...
  2. M

    B4J Question Inno Setup not creating desktop shortcut properly

    Hi everyone, it's the first time i'm using Inno Setup, in particular following this tutorial: I noticed that if I put spaces (or symbols like "_") in this variables...
  3. R

    Android Question Unable to access resource from Network path for ExoPlayer

    I am attempting to access a network resource to play using ExoPlayer. The Android test device appears to be able to access my NAS using Astro File Manager without problem. This code (direct copy from the ExoPlayer example) is causing the issue:- player1.Initialize("player") Dim sources As List...
  4. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet get all image folders (path)

    This code runs on my phone in release with 156ms. And i have over 1k folders and over 10k images. Dim tmp_lst As List : tmp_lst.Initialize GetAllFolders(tmp_lst,File.DirRootExternal,File.DirRootExternal) For Each image_path As String In tmp_lst Log(image_path)...
  5. janderkan

    Wish Path to keys folder

    I wish that B4I would save the path to the 'Keys Folder' with the project.
  6. sager

    Games follow path from Tiled

    follow path from Tiled