B4J Code Snippet [B4X] GetFileParts

I thought I had used some library, in the past, that provided functions like GetFileExtension and GetFileName. I will search better among my projects but I can't find them at the moment.

This snippet is useful for getting:
Path, FileName and FileExtension, for convenience in a single custom object.

It should be noted that this snippet takes into account the directory separator symbol of the operating system on which your software will run (in Windows it is the Backslash but in others, such as Linux, it is Slash).

Type tFileParts(Path As String, Name As String, Ext As String)
Public Sub GetFileParts(FullFilePath As String) As tFileParts
    'Gets the directory separator symbol of the system.
    'On Windows it is Backslash (\) but on others, such as Linux, it is Slash (/).
    Dim DirSep As String
    #IF B4i
        DirSep = "/"
        Dim JO As JavaObject
        DirSep = JO.RunMethod("getProperty", Array("file.separator"))
    #End If
    Dim Escape As String = "\"

    Dim Parts() As String
    Parts = Regex.Split(Escape & DirSep, FullFilePath)

    Dim Path As String = ""
    Dim Name As String = ""
    Dim Ext As String = ""
    Dim LastIndex As Int = Parts.Length - 1

    If LastIndex > 0 Then
        ' If there is a file name with extension
        Name = Parts(LastIndex)
        Dim NameParts() As String = Regex.Split(Escape & ".", Name)
        If NameParts.Length > 1 Then
            Ext = NameParts(NameParts.Length - 1)
            Name = Name.SubString2(0, Name.LastIndexOf("."))
        End If
        Path = FullFilePath.SubString2(0, FullFilePath.LastIndexOf(DirSep) + 1)
        ' If only path is provided
        Path = FullFilePath
    End If

    Dim Result As tFileParts
    Result.Path = Path
    Result.Name = Name
    Result.Ext = Ext

    Return Result
End Sub
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