1. E

    Other Open Source - PDFjet for Swift / iOS

    Some info that may be useful: We just released BSD licensed Open Source library 100% written in Swift. http://pdfjet.com/os/download.html Maybe somebody will created wrapper :-) ? Just like the one for Android - PDFjetB4A Best Regards, Eugene
  2. F

    Android Question File.DirDefaultExternal

    Hi all, I'm improving my app for to save and open PDF file With android:targetSdkVersion="14" was fine, but after increase targetSdkVersion to 26 not work In the past I saved and read directly from DirRootExternal but now I cannot. Now I'm using DirDefaultExternal but when I try to read the...
  3. Mikel Huerta

    Spanish (RESUELTO)Alguien ha logrado Abrir un archivo PDF en Android 7 ? creo que no se puede verdad ?

    Hola, les explico y de antemano muchas gracias por sus comentarios y/o ayudas: Tengo una app que genera un pdf, lo genera bien ya que lo envio por mail y cuando lo leo en mi pc lo lee sin problemas. Incluso en el telefono me voy a cualquiera de las 3 aplicaciones que tengo instaladas y lo lee...
  4. K

    Android Question pdf clickable text

    Hii Experts, I want to add link in pdf, on click the link open website. I'm currently using Printing libs. pdf.Canvas.DrawText("www.abcd.com",mleft,mtop,font,fontsize,Colors.Blue,"LEFT")
  5. K

    Android Question share PDF file

    I have this code its open PDF file Dim in As Intent in.Initialize(in.ACTION_VIEW,f1.CreateFileProviderUri(Starter.shared,"1.pdf")) in.Flags=1 StartActivity(in) I have to share PDF file I try like this...
  6. Mikel Huerta

    Android Question (SOLVE)error open PDF file with android 7+

    Hello , i try to open a PDF file from my app on an android 7 with the new permissions functions but when i try to do it, i get this error and a blank screen for a while and nothing more : i am using b4a 8.50 My code : Sub Doit() Dim Mostrador_de_PDF As Intent Dim uri As...
  7. K

    Android Question open wrong pdf file

    I'm using CreateFileProviderUri for opening pdf file and printing library for write in pdf. When I'm opening pdf file its open last proccess pdf file. this is my code Sub open_pdf If File.Exists(Starter.shared,"1.pdf") Then File.Delete(Starter.shared,"1.pdf") End If...
  8. K

    Android Question Write and Open PDF

    I want to open PDF file, Its shows message :: Can't open file trying saving the file on device and then opening it. I written this code : Dim pdf As PdfDocument pdf.Initialize pdf.StartPage(595, 842) 'A4 size pdf.Canvas.DrawLine(2, 2, 593 , 840, Colors.Blue, 4)...

    Italian Ma una guida per creare Pdf in B4J???

    Ciao a tutti. Ma qualcuno più esperto che me non potrebbe fare una guida per creare dei file PDF con b4j e soprattutto in Italiano. Guardando nel forum ne esiste una in inglese ma non capisco neanche da dove partire. Parla di librerie open source e a pagamento. Di versione aggiornata. Quindi per...
  10. S

    Android Question how to implement "whatsapp for business" with b4a application ?

    hello guys, as of now whatsapp for business is launched in many countries, in my country too(i.e India). i have installed it. i have customer's contact numbers and i want to send a bill as a pdf to customer's whatsapp. but is there anybody who might have any idea on how to implement it to send...
  11. Germán Arduino

    B4J Question Can't make work PDF creation

    Hi Guys: I fund the interesting thread in Show your creations: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/produce-merchants-stock-orders-print-invoice.61118/ and I was able to make it work with exception of the pdf creation, I get the following errors: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError...