1. A

    iOS Question DocumentPicker - how to show only PDF files?

    Hi all. I have a question about the DocumentPicker. Is it possible to show only PDF files? The problem is that in the user's phone might be PDF, Word, Excel files. And the user can mistakenly select a wrong file. If I use DocumentPicker.InitializeImport("picker", Array("public.content")) it...
  2. A

    iOS Question Validate PDF

    Hi all. Is there any option to validate a PDF to make sure that the file isn't corrupted? Let's say a user has a pdf on his phone. In my app he needs to select a pdf, view it and if it's Ok click a button Send and send it to the server. But what if the PDF on his phone is corrupted or damaged...
  3. A

    Android Question How to open a PDF with Intent inside a panel?

    Hi all. I have a question. I need to select a PDF on the user's phone (user will select this file), then open it and show the content to the user. If the user selected the correct file, I want him to confirm it by clicking a button below to save the file name in the local database. I'm using...
  4. A

    iOS Question Take a photo and save it as PDF

    Hi all. Is it possible in iOS? I need to take a photo of the document, save it as PDF and send it over the Internet. Thanks.
  5. W

    Android Example PDFab - a default PDF viewer app based on DonManfred's PDFium wrap

    I wanted a freeware pdf viewer without ads, tracking, data collection, and what have you. Besides, it wasn't obvious (to me at least) how to make an app that would be offered as default to open a certain type of file, especially a PDF. Time for some R&D fun, and here you go. Prerequisites...
  6. P

    Android Question How to vertically center a text inside a rectangle in PDFGenerator

    Hi, Community How do I vertically center a text inside a rectangle using PDFGenerator. Thank you.
  7. james_sgp

    iOS Question iOS - Protected PDF`s, in B4xPages

    I'm going insane trying to get this working, I just want to open a protected PDF (password to view) and have it zoomable; but i can't get anything to work. I`ve tried all these and non-work to open the PDF and allow it to be zoomable: 1. Open PDF directly in WebView : gives error loading...
  8. james_sgp

    iOS Question PDF in Canvas Disappears

    Hi, I`m loading a PDF into a Cavas in a WebView; however, the PDF opens (page appears) ...but then immediately disappears! I have attached a sample showing the issue. I can`t find the issue, can someone pls advise? James
  9. james_sgp

    iOS Question Opening a Protected PDF in Webview

    Hi, I have a PDF file locally (Xui.defaultfolder), that is protected (Password)...how do I open this in a Webview automatically with the password? Thanks, James
  10. N

    Android Question creating pdf

    hello and sorry if this question is repetitive, I want to make an app with an image which it has some labels and radio buttons on it and what I want to know is: how can I make whole of this pic and all objects on it to pdf document in size A4, I read and took some examples in forum but none of...
  11. S

    B4A Class [B4X] PDF Generator - B4X Cross Platform - Class 100% B4X Code

    Hi, This class cPDF.bas (version 0.6 - 2024-01-03) generate PDF File with limited fonctionnalities (but enough for me) Add pages with different paper size (use constants or custom size) PDF standards font (Courier, Helvetica, Times, Symbol and Zapfdingbats), style (Normal, Bold, Italic...
  12. Brian Michael

    Android Code Snippet Print or Save as PDF a Table from B4XTable

    Hello everyone, I want to share a method to be able to print or save as pdf a table from B4XTable. This code is very basic and can be adjusted for any need. You are free to play with its possibilities. In this case you will need the following libraries: -B4XTable 1.21+ -Printing 1.0+ (Link)...
  13. P

    Android Question Better approach in creating a pdf from a clv content.

    Greetings Community, I'm trying to create a pdf file from a clv content. I have followed guides on this forum and arrived with the attached but i still need help because the image is squeezed when the content is alot. In my approach, i save the clv content as an bitmap and insert it in the...
  14. KMatle

    B4J Code Snippet Print all files in a folder (*.pdf, etc.) on the standard printer via VBS (Windows)

    I use this small vbs script to print all documents (in my case pdf files) on the standard printer (works fine in a WIN 10 production system). Call it via jShell with the folder as a parameter where the docs are. Printing PDF's is very easy as you don't need to know the installed PDF viever and...
  15. Guenter Becker

    Android Example Help Management for Application

    Hello hope your'e well. Apps are getting more and more complicate and to work with the user needs a manual. This examples shows how you can add an help dialog to your B4XPages Project. The help information is taken from a pdf file. The help index is created from the app. If you do not like to...
  16. Cainsoft

    iOS Question B4i PDF creation ?

    Hi everyone, Is there any possibility to create PDF file from JPG images merged together ? One page equals one image. I searched the forum but only found Android examples. Thanks in advance.
  17. D

    B4J Question [Solved] Shell.run blocking server

    Hi! I'm developing an api to interact with mssql. Now I'm trying to generate a PDF file with an external exe, to do so I call shell.run an powershell script and wait for it to close to write a response, but while the external exe is running the server not respond any other request. s.Initialize...
  18. M

    Spanish Como puedo enviar un PDF desde mi app hasta cualquier aplicación como WSP

    Hola amigos de B4A, mi consulta es: Estoy desarrollado una app de Gimnasios y mi idea es que cuando una persona venga a querer pagar su abono el dueño del gimnasio lo haga atravesar de la app. Mi idea es que cuando la transacción se haga, halla una opción de que el usuario apreté y mande un...
  19. David Elkington

    B4J Question Looking to Merge PDF

    I was wondering if anyone can help. I have a bunch of PDF files created by another application (unknown quantity but known filenames) and I would like to merge them into 1 PDF file so that it can be attached and emailed as a unit. I have searched all over bu the solutions out there involve...
  20. MitchBu

    Android Question Printing PDF and HTML content on the same page ?

    I use the print library to print PDF content, as described at the post below. It works just fine. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/76712/#content Now, I need to print PDF on one part of the page, and HTML on the same page. Would it be possible to do that with the print library ?