1. A

    B4J Question [WebApp] Download or Open new browser tab to view file

    I have a WebSocket Class that generates a pdf report and saves it to a browser accessible location based on dynamically generated (from this same WebSocket class) controls to get report parameter input from the browser user. I can WebUtils.redirect to the generated pdf file but I want to either...
  2. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question pdf to txt

    I found this library that work in B4A made by @MarcoRome https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/pdf-to-text.81449/ I would like to know if works in B4J too, because i test it and no results. Thanks.
  3. R

    B4J Question B4J PDF To Text?

    I would like to extract text raw from a PFD. I have looked briefly at the jPDFjet library but it seems like a heavyweight option aimed primarily at the finer points of PDF authoring rather than engineering in the opposite direction. Is there a simpler option I have missed? Any suggestions?
  4. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 8.3 Datatable Pagination & Exporting to XLSX, PNG, PDF and CSV

    Ola Lesson 8.1 Lesson 8.2 Lesson 8.3 Lesson 8.4 As per subject matter this lesson is about a data-table with a pager and also functionality to export its contents to PNG, PDF, CSV and XLSX. It's so amazing that with just a few object (map) settings and then a few simple calls webix does...
  5. MitchBu

    Android Question Still struggling with printer.printpdf()

    My check app is coming along fine, thanks to B4A, but I am facing a show stopper with both laser printers HP and Brother. First time around, I get a preview, and the printer prints nicely. Second time I try to print, I get a preview, then printer error. No detail available. I cannot release...
  6. MitchBu

    Android Question Printer PDF interpreters more or less fragile

    I am implementing PDF generation with the Printing library as described here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/printing-and-pdf-creation.76712/#content It works well with a HP MFP M227fdw printer, but a Brother HL-L3210CW has errors with exactly the same code. It seems like the...
  7. MitchBu

    Android Question Printing library most recent version ?

    I found the printing library describe here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/printing-and-pdf-creation.76712/#content I downloaded the zip file from there, but am confused about the version number. The page states that it was updated to Version 1.10, but in the XML file, it is still 1.06.
  8. jahswant

    Share My Creation [B4X]237Pos-B4XPages CrossPlatform Point Of Sale(Android,iOS And Desktop).

    OUR 237Pos App is Upgraded to B4X and 2 new Versions (B4i,B4J) adding the capability of Holding Sales. 237POS Cross Platform Point Of Sale Application built with B4X tools that will run on Desktops(Windows,macOS,Linux) Android Tablets And iPads. Customizations And Full Source Codes Available...
  9. D

    Android Question Load PDF pages in CustomListView - zoom enabled

    How can I show a multi page pdf in a CustomlistView and set each page so that the user is able to zoom the image? I also tried using Webview but it does not work:- dim image as imageview Private CLV1 As CustomListView For i = 0 To pdf.PageCount-1 Dim p As B4XView =...
  10. F

    B4A Library HtmlToPdf

    Hello everybody, I've created this library that converts an html file (or string) to a pdf file programmatically. A couple of important notes: it only works on devices with SDK versions >= 21 and it cannot read files from the asset folder (you can either copy the file to the internal folder...
  11. MMORETTI964

    Android Question HTML to PDF - Offline - <page_break_inside: avoid>

    We've a need trying to convert HTML document to PDF. I know, there is a way to convert HTML to a bitmap (using a webview) and then convert in PDF (like an image). However we need some more control over PDF created (for example using page_break_inside: avoid). Obviously this is not possible...
  12. Marco Nissen

    Beta PDFium - Pdfview2

    Regarding the new PDF library wrapper by @DonManfred Hi, I still get the ontap issue - if I tap the pdf, I get the error below with the sample code (no change) java.lang.Exception: Sub pdfium_ontap was not found. at anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.raiseEvent2(BA.java:202) at...
  13. Tayfur

    B4J Library [B4X] jPDFviewer

    I would recommend PDFBox class an alternative. İts does not need jetty server. its more clear. @knutf released new wrapper class for PDFBox from Apache. Thank you @knutf gerat work...
  14. Marco Nissen

    Wish New Wrapper: AndroidPDFViewer

    Hi can somebody work on a wrapper library for https://github.com/barteksc/AndroidPdfViewer ? That one is licensed as Apache 2.0, and provides scrolling, zooming, etc Thanks Marco
  15. D

    Android Question PDF behind canvas/panel

    I've seen some questions about this and it seems webview can not support this but I would like to add a PDF behind a canvas or as the background of a panel. Can this be done? Thanks
  16. WebQuest

    Android Question Index PdfReader error.

    I'm getting an error when scrolling through the pages of pdf files. the last error page of (INDEX). Has anyone had the same problem? How to solve? Sub Process_Globals Dim Chooser As ContentChooser Dim pdf As PDFRenderer End Sub Sub Globals Private ImageViewResult As ImageView...
  17. WebQuest

    Android Question Open and Save a PDF File In the Database with App.

    Hi I'm trying to select a pdf file in the device with the Chooser as it happens with the images, but without success. My intent is to select a pdf through my app and then save it in the db of the app. I'm using SqlLite for the db. I'm using the chooser specifying the type of file to be selected...
  18. T

    iOS Question How do I upload a PDF file from storage/iCloud/iBooks?

    Is it possible to add an option to select a storage / iCloud / iBooks PDF file? And so keeping the options shown in the image.
  19. T

    iOS Question How do I download a PDF file from Webview?

    I followed this thread https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/how-to-go-back-in-webview-and-how-to-download-pdf-file.66546/ And my code is: Sub WebView1_OverrideUrl (Url As String) As Boolean If Url.EndsWith(".pdf") Then Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("pdf", Me)...
  20. N

    Android Question Newline in a PDFjetTable Column

    Hi, I'm currently producing a pdf table with results from the app and I'm trying to see if there is a way to add a newline in. Before generating the table though I replace each CRLF with a "¬" so it can be saved to a file and read from there. I then try to replace it with a CRLF after but that...