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    Un saluto a tutti Vorrei arrivare a capire se è possibile realizzare un app in apparenza semplice ma in pratica sembra non possibile. L'esigenza assai diffusa , è quella di ricevere un messaggio con un avviso sonoro sul device android, questo senza utilizzare internet che in certe reti wifi...
  2. A

    Android Question Clear push notification when pressed

    Hello, Recently, I've added FirebaseNotifications to my app I noticed that noticed when the user click the (push) notification, the app opens, but the notification still exists, and it is needed to swipe it in order to remove it. Does anybody know how to make the push notification disappear...
  3. A

    Android Question Problem when referencing "Firebase Analytics" and "Firebase Notifications"

    Hello, I tried to add an option for Push Notifications to my throw Erel's video Explanation. When referencing the libraries "Firebase Analytics" and "Firebase Notifications", an error message had shown up. (When referencing "Firebase Analytics" the error was "Maven Article wasn't found...
  4. SlashIT

    Android Question expiration of the push channel

    hello to everyone, I tried to look for documentation but without success; I activate an FCM push channel (Erel's tutorial) and it works correctly, but if the App is not opened for a few days, it seems that the subscription expires and the device no longer receives push messages (this also...
  5. pazzokli

    Italian [RISOLTO] Notifiche

    Buongiorno a tutti, mi date qualche dritta per implementare le notifiche push da un server Android a client sempre Android? Ho dato una lettura al post di EREL su Firebase ma non ho capito molto. Mi spiegate qualcosa in italiano per cortesia? Grazie
  6. uniplan

    Android Question Problem receive push android 7

    Hi...i have a particular problem on devices android with Android 7 version (Samsun s6 and Huawei P10) .I don't receive the push notification. With the same app on other device with android 6, i haven't this problem (Samsun Note 3). There are any type of problem? Thank you?
  7. MarcelloCSI

    B4J Question FCMPush Authentication issue

    Hi, I would like to send notification to specific device with the B4J server. I have the Firebase token of the destination device. I'm in trouble with Firebase authentication. This is the code, FCMPush with little variation: 'Non-UI application (console / server application) #Region Project...