1. C

    B4J Question Web server app backend + client options? New to B4X and Java. Overwhelmed by choices.

    I would like to code a web server application that supports multiple users, utilizes input forms, generates reports, uploads and downloads large files, and a lot of other various standard business functionality. Some of the functionality would be available to a browser client and some would...
  2. C

    Android Question http problems about cookies i want to get the json by post the url, but it seems like something error happened. maybe it's about the cookies. THANKS #Region Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel...
  3. K

    How much does it cost to develop Clubhouse-like application

    Hello everyone. How much would cost for me to hire outsourcing development company to build Clubhouse-like app? Maybe someone had experience like this?
  4. B

    Android Question How can I work with maps values?

    Hello everyone, firstly I have to tell you that I'm a beginner so please, be patient. Here is my problem, in my code, I have a map and I need to a sum with these values. Here is my code ListaArticulos.Initialize NewArt.Initialize NewArt.Put("nombre","Harina COLOLO 0000 1kg.")...
  5. Giorgos_xou

    B4J Question Any Library Wrapper ?

    Hello people, I am trying to use an Additional-external library with B4J and the only ways i found out that i can, is either by using "#AdditionalJar: jocl-2.0.1.jar" or as i understund by this post, by making a wrapper from the source code using the "B4J_SimpleLibraryCompiler.exe". I was...
  6. C

    Android Question CLV , CreateMap - How i can get the specific Values

    I need to get the values that are mapped and do a routine to assign these values in a normal lstview. but I always return the last value in the index. and also I did not understand how I can pull the keys of the created map and assign to the item of the listview. 'dim mapaEscalonado as map...
  7. C

    Custom List View duvida

    Boas pessoal, é a primeira vez que trabalho com o custom list view, e estou necessitando pegar os Index da CustomListView onde tiver o Valor da Quantidade > 0 tentei alguns metodos porem não obtive sucesso, alguem tem alguma solução ? Como a imagem descreve!
  8. MarkusR

    did someone use a object database?

    i will know if someone use a object database for a business application?
  9. MarkusR

    Android Question create realtime sound?

    hello, did someone know how to create a real time sound? i think about a buffer where i can place my sound waveform and the phone device play it in real time.
  10. MarkusR

    Android Question Event from CustomView Class to Activity Modul?

    is there a Simple way to create a event in a Customview to catch this Event in the Activity Modul? something like CustomView: Sub ButtonFinish_Click RaiseEvent Ready(1) End Sub --- Activity: Sub Ready(a as int) End Sub