1. German Buchmuller

    B4J Question Run GUI on Raspberry PI OS Lite (No Desktop)

    Hi. I need to run a UI B4j App in a Raspberry PI. If I install openjdk11 in the RPI with Raspberry PI OS Full (with desktop), the app runs fine. However, I am trying to run the app with Raspberry PI OS Lite (no desktop environment). bj4-bridge runs fine, but when I try to compile and run a UI...
  2. P

    German Virtueller Schallplattenspieler via Raspberry möglich mit b4?

    Hallo Leute Ich habe da ein gute Idee und auch gleich ein Problem damit. Ich möchte ein Virtuellen Schallplattenspieler bauen. Ich weiß das klingt seltsam deshalb die Erklärung. Ich habe ECHTE Schallplatten die ich z.T. digitalisiert habe und die nun in Hüllen gut geschützt im Regal stehen...
  3. M

    B4J Question Modules to specify

    Hello everybody. I am rather new to B4J, so, sorry if I ask a kind of nerd question. I have installed B4J in my computer (Win10, 64bit, Java 11 SDK) and also Java JDK version 11.0.12 in my Raspberry Pi. The B4J IDE informs that the Bridge is connected, but when I try to run the example it...
  4. amorosik

    Italian [B4J] Raspberry PI 400 - per quali utilizzi la vedreste indicata?

    Non resistevo dalla gioia e dovevo mostrare, a qualcuno che ne comprendesse il valore, cosa mi ha portato babbo Natale (oltre a calzini e mutande che resta sempre il regalo preferito) Per gli scarsotti che non sapessero cosa sia, leggasi qua Raspberry Pi 400 Insomma e' il jocattolo del...
  5. C

    B4J Tutorial Feedback using Liberica JDK 11 for raspberry pi

    Hello everyone. After spending some time to get a UI on my raspberry pi screen, here are my remarks, for who it can be useful: -Be careful when using only VNC to connect to your raspberry pi, when testing the javaFX lib, connect a screen on the HDMI port. (Yes there are libs that only show you...
  6. janderkan

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] How to run it on a Raspberry Pi

    How to run ABMaterials on a Raspberry Pi Using: B4J v7.51 OpenJDK11 Raspberry Pi 3 and Asus Tinkerboard DietPi image 6.25.3 Chrome, Firefox and Edge The project 'Demo' from ABMaterial4.30.zip 1. Copy the Demo folder from the zip-file to your B4J projects folder. To develop a good habbit, Goto...
  7. janderkan

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Problem deploying to a Raspberry Pi

    I have OpenJDK11 on my PC and on the first deployment i got an error that my jar was built to a newer version. Then I followed instructions in this link and installed bellsoft jdk11 on the Pi ABMaterial did not run and the errors was /js/core.4.30.min.js Not Found /js/sessioncreator.js Not...
  8. H

    B4J Question Cannot open display - Raspberry Pi

    Hello I'm trying to run a Gui app on Raspberry Pi3 , App deploys . It seems like running , but nothing on raspberry screen. Device connected to HDMI monitor, latest oracle java installed (8u65). any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. L

    Spanish Problema al finalizar un comando en consola de linux(raspberry)

    Hola, estoy desarrollando una interfaz para comunicarme desde un celular a una raspberry mediante wifi, hasta ahora me descargue los ejemplos de simplechat, el problema es que quiero ejecutar un comando en la consola de linux, en realidad si se ejecuta (video) pero ya luego el programa de b4j se...
  10. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question new Application

    Hello folks, I am going to write a new application and want your opinions as to the best way to approach this. Its going to be Linux App, probably to run in an Raspberry PI, or small pc. desired Features: connection to External GPS for better accurary display of own coordinates on some kind of...
  11. P

    B4J Question Raspberry pi; Windows 10 core

    Does b4j support windows 10 core for raspberry pi?