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  1. M

    Wish B4A SDK Manager

    As per instructions, after a clean re-install of B4A I did NOT run SDK manager. Later, I needed one single component (happened to be "" but could be anything). [Not wanted for a B4A project either, but to copy to Android Studio SDK as I couldn't find it there] I opened...
  2. Greg Breinholt

    Android Question Maven artifact not found: (SOLVED)

    Just updated the SDK through the B4A SDK Manger and now I get the "Maven artifact not found:". I tried searching for it, and this is closest one installed: I see that others had this issue in the past - seems that updates to the SDK Manager to 3.6 fixed it...
  3. M

    Android Question Error(?) using B4A SDK Manager

    Hi. I got this Warning using the B4A SDK Manager [=======================================] 100% Unzipping... platform-tools/systr[=======================================] 100% Unzipping... platform-tools/systr[=======================================] 100% Unzipping... platform-tools/systr...
  4. Jack Cole

    Android Question Can't create Wear AVD

    I've been trying to create a Wear AVD without luck. I first tried to create one for Platform 28. I got an error message that I needed the 64 bit version for API 28+. I couldn't see that available for download in the SDK manager. Then I downloaded the Platform 26 version of Android Wear with...

    Android Question SDK Manager in java 11 not work

    HI In my B4A program v.9 , if the settings on Java are version jdk 10.0.2, everything is fine and the SDK Manager opens, :)but if the settings on Java are version jdk 11.0.2 , the SDK Manager page will not be displayed.:( I need to set the Java application version to jdk10.0.2 every time for...
  6. A

    Android Question Tools\Configure Path\Open SDK Manager does nothing

    When I try to select the path for the SDK Manager, I click on the "Open SDK Manager" button but nothing happens. I have Android Studio installed. Running Windows 10 EDIT: I tried the following from a different thread: cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\Basic4android" java -version...
  7. I

    Italian Creare Android 9 (28) AVDs

    Ciao ragazzi, ho qualche problema nel creare questo emulatore per testare la mia app. Erel ha rilasciato la versione 3.30 dell'Sdk Manager, ho provato a creare l'immagine, ma quando l'avvio, arriva ad un certo punto che si blocca e non mostra nessun avanzamento senza quindi arrivare alla home...
  8. R

    Android Question adb.exe entry point not found

    Houston I have a problem, please help. B4A v 8.00 Win XP .net 4.0 Samsung J3 (2015) Android 5.1.1 I tried out the google maps sample, and in doing so I had to use the SDK manager to install (all recommended) Android-28. Now I get adb.exe error Entry point not found in .dll. I am using...
  9. Multiverse app

    Android Question B4A Sdk Manager Error

    When I open the SDK manager, I get the following error Any solutions?
  10. S

    Android Question SDk manager problem

    Hello and I will appreciate to get help from your side. i introduce android.jar in AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platforms\android-27\android.jar and then when I run SDk manager there is B4A SDk manager errors you can see here: and als there is some...
  11. peacemaker

    Android Question Obsolete ADB.exe

    HI, All How to update it now ? When all Google files are from B4A SDK manager.

    Android Question SDK Manager error during install of trial version

    Unfortunatelly the installation process doesn't go as smoth as presented on the installation video : 1st of all, after trying to open SDK manager button to install Android libraries I got the following error: As expected after the previous error message, when I proceed installing selected...
  13. MarkusR

    Android Question Issue with SDK Manager Array out of bounds

    why today?
  14. eSolution

    Bug? Problems with Android SDK installed with V7.8 SDK Manager?

    I updated to B4A v7.80 on my laptop and I deleted my Android SDK that was installed with Android Studio and I installed a new one as explained in the SDK Manager thread (using the SDK Manager from B4A). Now B4A can't compile my old apps because it can't find the Appcompat styles. I installed...