1. LucaMs

    Android Example [B4X] SELECT - don't waste tags

    [A simple suggestion, not addressed to "experts"] I am almost certain that some members, having to identify which view triggered an event, use the tags. For example: You have a kind of menu, which is composed of 3 ImageViews: Dim ivPictures As ImageView Dim ivTexts As ImageView Dim ivOther...
  2. Daniel Alejandro

    Spanish Error con file reader/select

    Hola chicos del foro, tengo un problema con mi codigo, lo que quiero hacer es que el programa lea un archivo de .txt y este seccionarlos en distintas variables, el problema es que al momento de correr el programa pasa esto El codigo es: Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be...
  3. LucaMs

    Wish [Not to be read ^__^ ] Nested Select blocks

    Nested Select blocks do not work. I think a warning or an error message at compilation time would be useful.
  4. P

    B4J Question How to get some information from multiple selected object in tableview?

    I made a tableview and I stored numbers in each cells as object when I clicked some cell, I got number(object info) of each cells by using below method Sub TableView1_SelectedCellChanged (RowIndex As Int, ColIndex As Int, Cell As Object) Log(Cell) End Sub Then, I am trying to get...
  5. MarkusR

    Share My Creation B4A Checkbox List Pop-up UI Class

    hello, today i made a class to pop up a list selection with checkboxes (in a scrollview) from a key value map inside a activity. after ok click the map is updated. note: i think a better solution is using a extra activity and jump into with CallSubDelay2 and then jump back where it comes from...
  6. VictorTandil

    Android Question SQLite SELECT ... LIKE ... UPPER() {SOLVED}

    Hi. I have a database in SQLite format and I need to do a partial search with a certain text. I would like to know what is the correct way to do it, since I have tried LIKE '%text%' but apparently does not yield results. Also, I used the UPPER (text) function to simplify the search. Dim DLG as...