1. red30

    Android Question Transferring data to the server

    I have a GMS module which can work with MQTT and Web Service. I need to get data from it and store it somewhere. As I understood from the forum, I cannot run my own MQTT server. So I settled on Web Service. I imagine it like this: on an Android or Windows device, I run a server that I can access...
  2. aeric

    Share My Creation Print Server (USB Thermal Receipt) running on Raspberry Pi

    This is a demo video of B4J Print Server which is a REST API Web Server. The server can run on Windows and Linux including on a Raspberry Pi OS. I have also created B4J, B4A and B4i Client app to send request to the server through GET and POST. The print data can contain ESC/POS string sent...
  3. aeric

    B4J Code Snippet JSON Web Token (auth0/java-jwt)

    You can use this class to generate JSON Web Token (JWT) for use in Web API B4J Server. This code is using JavaObject from Java JWT github project ( by Auth0. I only add support for HMAC algorithms. If you want, you can modify this code to support RSA and ECDSA...
  4. H

    Bug? [BANano] Server cannot compile

    Does anyone know some workaround? Compiler error: src\b4j\example\ error: no suitable constructor found for FilterHolder(Class<CAP#1>) FilterHolder fh = new FilterHolder((Class<? extends Filter>) Class.forName("org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.CrossOriginFilter"))...
  5. Dave O

    B4J Question (solved) B4J cloudKVS server on VPS - can upload data, can't download/refresh data

    Hi all, Using cloudKVS in a test app to sync data from 2 Android devices to the cloudKVS server (vanilla B4J app listening on port 51042). Works fine when the server is my laptop, and the Androids are on the same Wifi network. But when the server is on my VPS (Ubuntu with JRE installed...
  6. Mashiane

    [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Server Side Rendering (Almost)

    Hi there Yesterday I got meself thinking, what if I could ensure SSR (Server Side Rendering) be possible in the BVAD3 apps.? Server-side rendering (SSR) is an application’s ability to convert HTML files on the server into a fully rendered HTML page for the client. The web browser submits a...
  7. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Connect RPi to WiFi via code

    With it clear that an Arduino would not support my project and the recommendation that I should upgrade to a RPI covered in the thread rMQTT HostName with query parameters and despite my previous less than satisfactory experience with RPi projects, I'm pleasantly surprised with progress, however...
  8. B

    German Daten an SQL Server

    Hallo, ich habe eine App geschrieben, welche einwandfrei funktioniert und Daten über Bluetooth empfängt und diese in eine SQL Datenbank mithilfe der SQL Bibliothek schreibt. Dies funktioniert alles super. Nun wäre es super, wenn parallel dazu alle Werte, welche in die lokale SQL Datenbank...
  9. red30

    Android Question Problems with transferring a large number of photos to the server.

    I implemented it like this: Sub Post (Vin As String) Dim templist As List templist=File.ListFiles(File.DirInternal&Vin) Dim testerr="" As String Dim re=False As Boolean For i=0 To templist.Size-1 Sleep(50) Dim s=templist.Get(i) As String If...
  10. D

    B4J Question Error on request inside a server Handler (java.lang.InterruptedException)

    Hello! I'm gettin this error but i have no clue of what's happening because it works good for days before happen. I suspect that is caused by a request that I make inside a handler but I'm not sure. java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.InterruptedException at...
  11. aeric

    Share My Creation Web API Template

    Web API Template Version: 1.15 Description: A boilerplate for creating REST API Server with database CRUD functionalities. Depends on following libraries: ByteConverter, JavaObject, jServer, Json, jSQL Features: CRUD based - RESTful Web API (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) Front-end (HTML...
  12. Dave O

    Android Question trialing CloudKVS on a local Windows/Android setup?

    Hi all, I need to move my app's data (currently stored in a local file using writeMap) to the cloud so my users can share it between devices and family members. I'm looking for some tips on how to do this. CloudKVS seems like the best solution at this point. I don't know much about the server...
  13. Alexander Stolte

    Android Tutorial [B4X] B4X Online Tools - JSON Parser/QR Generator/Regex Parser

    Full list of B4J Server Examples: If there are other online tools that simplify programming with B4X, then I expand the thread.
  14. Star-Dust

    B4J Tutorial [B4X] Proxy Server Socks 4 and Proxy Http (Source Code)

    Many years ago I needed to sniff a connection and I didn't have a free sniffer available and I didn't know how to create one .... So after a long reflection I decided to create a Proxy Server in order to direct all the output of my pc to the server and sniff traffic. It was my first proxy server...
  15. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial ESP32: Download huge file from a server and save it

    This example downloads a file from a server folder (here I use a folder in htdocs on my apache server) and saves it to a file on the file system. Tested with 700KB files. Set headers (browse the www how to set up headers or credentials). Note that the ESP32 filesystem is quite slow. Downloading...
  16. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] xHttpServer (Http Server + jQuery)

    It is a personal project of mine that I started as a hobby on B4i and it has become an interesting project, so that I have modified it to be multiplatform. It is an http server, which allows a browser to navigate on html pages stored on the device. In addition, dynamic pages can also be...
  17. walterf25

    B4J Question Non_UI application Handler response

    Hi all, i am working on a personal project where I have a B4J Non-UI app running on a google cloud Virtual Machine, the app receives requests with a TokenID and message parameters which then are sent to the firebase messaging API, this works just fine, but i am having a hard time understanding...
  18. D

    B4J Question [Solved] blocking server

    Hi! I'm developing an api to interact with mssql. Now I'm trying to generate a PDF file with an external exe, to do so I call an powershell script and wait for it to close to write a response, but while the external exe is running the server not respond any other request. s.Initialize...
  19. Star-Dust

    B4i Library SD: iHttpServer (beta)

    I started developing a version of the HttpServer Library for iOs. It is still a beta version and not complete, but already functional. You can start using it to test it. Includes WebSocket and QueryElement implementation Digest Auth will be added in the future. I have arrived at a first version...
  20. cklester

    B4J Question [SOLVED] How To Stop B4J Server on Windows 10

    On Windows 10, I'm running the server app from this thread. It's working fine. How do I stop it? I'm not sure what process it is in Windows Task Manager, and I shut down B4J IDE, but the server is apparently still running, as the site continues to be served at the default URL.