1. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial ESP32: Download huge file from a server and save it

    This example downloads a file from a server folder (here I use a folder in htdocs on my apache server) and saves it to a file on the file system. Tested with 700KB files. Set headers (browse the www how to set up headers or credentials). Note that the ESP32 filesystem is quite slow. Downloading...
  2. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] xHttpServer (Http Server + jQuery)

    It is a personal project of mine that I started as a hobby on B4i and it has become an interesting project, so that I have modified it to be multiplatform. It is an http server, which allows a browser to navigate on html pages stored on the device. In addition, dynamic pages can also be...
  3. walterf25

    B4J Question Non_UI application Handler response

    Hi all, i am working on a personal project where I have a B4J Non-UI app running on a google cloud Virtual Machine, the app receives requests with a TokenID and message parameters which then are sent to the firebase messaging API, this works just fine, but i am having a hard time understanding...
  4. D

    B4J Question [Solved] blocking server

    Hi! I'm developing an api to interact with mssql. Now I'm trying to generate a PDF file with an external exe, to do so I call an powershell script and wait for it to close to write a response, but while the external exe is running the server not respond any other request. s.Initialize...
  5. Star-Dust

    B4i Library SD: iHttpServer (beta)

    I started developing a version of the HttpServer Library for iOs. It is still a beta version and not complete, but already functional. You can start using it to test it. Includes WebSocket and QueryElement implementation Digest Auth will be added in the future. I have arrived at a first version...
  6. cklester

    B4J Question [SOLVED] How To Stop B4J Server on Windows 10

    On Windows 10, I'm running the server app from this thread. It's working fine. How do I stop it? I'm not sure what process it is in Windows Task Manager, and I shut down B4J IDE, but the server is apparently still running, as the site continues to be served at the default URL.
  7. M

    Android Question FTP UploadProgress does not fire for every file

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to use FTP to upload multiple files to the server. I do it one by one, i want to show a progress bar, so i did like so: 'This function uploads the files (stored in the list) to the server base' Public Sub CaricaFoto Log(filenamelist) currentTotalFiles =...
  8. aeric

    Share My Creation JQuiz - API Server for B4XQuiz

    This is the full source code for B4XQuiz server. SQL script to generate database in post #2 For B4XQuiz client app, please check: Update It is now easier to create Web API Server using B4X Template Check...
  9. aeric

    B4J Tutorial [Server] Using Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu VPS

    #1 How to: Install Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu Linux VPS to Create SSL Certificates Downloading and Installing Let's Encrypt 1. Update the server's packages apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade 2. Install the GIT package apt-get install git 3. Download a clone of Let's Encrypt from the GitHub...
  10. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [Solved] B4JPackager11 / websocket project problem

    As recommended by @Erel in this thread, I have commenced migrating the communications in my project from http to websocket, however it's not been as simple as I thought it would be. In replacing the http based comms part of my project I hit some "roadblocks". So created a simple project to...
  11. S

    Android Code Snippet Upload a file to your server with HttpJob and php(included)

    4-25-2020 Pick a SINGLE File from Dialog box, Then upload it To a server on LAN Or Internet I wrote this B4A To be very small, simple, & easy to understand on a beginners level In Files Is the PHP script To handle single File upload And save As original filename php creates And appends a...
  12. M

    iOS Question Build Failed Local Mac Builder

    The following build commands failed: Ld /Users/<name>/Documents/B4iBuildServer/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload/<myappname>.app/ <myappname> normal arm64 (1 failure)
  13. Duque

    B4J Question ODBC Sybase

    Hi guys, I'm migrating an old system that I did some years in power builder. I could not achieve a connection to the database, this is what I have: In my user DSN (odbc) I have my database connected and it works like this for my old system. I managed to find a jconn2.jar library in the sybase...
  14. carlos7000

    Android Question Error: Nonce must be greater than...

    Hello I am using this function to send commands to a server private Sub SendCommand(workName As String, Command As String, Signature As Boolean, url as String) Dim ToSing As String If Signature Then url = X_PrivateUrl ToSing = "command=" & workName & "&" &...
  15. Alessandro71

    B4J Tutorial Running a B4J Server on Amazon EC2 Linux

    This procedure starts from a freshly installed AWS EC2 Linux instance and installs a B4J server, named B4J.jar, configured as a daemon. This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of a Linux environment, expecially the vi editor. Prerequisites SSH access with ec2-user Device /dev/xvdh is available...
  16. avalle

    B4J Question How to call CallSubDelayed from a different Class Module

    Hi all, I have a B4J Server application implementing a REST API service with multiple Handler Class Modules. In one of these class modules I need to use CallSubDelayed to raise a callback event which is used in a Wait For in a different class module. Is this possible? If so, how do I reference...
  17. NFOBoy

    B4J Question For the VPS backend, which OS?

    Hi all, have been combing through the boards, and I see bits and pieces of references for backend stuff, but nothing definitive (perhaps that's the answer) about which way to go as far as selecting the OS for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) and B4J/I/A. For those that have experimented, any...
  18. A

    B4J Question ServerSocket and Multi Client Problem

    Hi I create a ServerSocket and connect with two client to server I can send messages from clients to server, but i can't find who is sending the message and can't answer to client! is there any way that astreams_NewData event show sender socket object?
  19. Patent

    B4J Question set Proxy to avoid CORS

    Dear community, wanna use a local Proxy in B4J to avoid CORS Problems. This is the Try: Sub Process_Globals Dim ho As String Dim po As Int End Sub Sub AppStart (Args() As String) ho="" 'local ip po=8080 Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("j", Me)...
  20. C

    B4J Code Snippet Modbus TCP server - slave - restricted functionality

    Hello everyone, Here a small quick and dirty implementation of the modbus TCP protocol in B4J as a server / slave. Please note that this is not a complete library! The following limitations are: -Only READING (not writing) of holding registers possible by modbus master(function code 03) from...