1. L

    iOS Question B4i-Bridge installation on device

    I have lost 3 days attempting at installing the B4i-Bridge on the actual device and I am about to give up. My system is a MacBook Pro 2018 with 16 GB ram, B4i v4.30 installed on Windows 10 Enterprise running under Parallels Desktop 14.10, Build Server v4.30 installed on Mac side and attached to...
  2. N

    B4J Question JRDC2 Question

    Hi All, I'm trying to add the file download handler to JRDC2: with this code on linux server: 'Handler class Sub Class_Globals End Sub Public Sub Initialize End Sub Sub Handle(req As ServletRequest, resp As ServletResponse) Dim out As OutputStream Dim name As String =...
  3. avalle

    B4J Question Webhook service support

    Hi, I would like to add webhook support to one of my B4J Server application. I've not found anything about services, only client side. Does anyone has an idea or piece of code to start from? Can I achieve that with regular server code, or should I look at additional components? Many thanks in...
  4. MarkusR

    B4J Question authentication identity check at server?

    I try to use this solution with ssl: [Server] Data Collection Solution - Device, Desktop and Web reports In the DataCollectionDesktop App i will use Username & Password...
  5. MarkusR

    Android Question Server App with Network & TCP Socket + SSL

    hello, how to make this example b4j network here work with ssl? i set the server into listen after a button click. if me click connect from "client" the server show a connect but the client stay in status...
  6. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] B4J Server at Home with SSL (Jetty)

    hello, i have a problem to get data if me used a http(s) server. it not response if me test local at same pc or from web. if me use port 80 with without ssl config it works fine local and extern. in firefox i got a message selfsigned cert if not ok but i clicked ok for allow then nothing...
  7. kokoroayo

    B4J Question Server with automated messaging

    Hi all, I need help on this one please. I have an old VB6 application that runs well for my client. It includes an auto reminder for their clients to keep appointments. Appointment reminders are sent via web based bulk SMS service. For this to happen, i created a small app on the server: 1.. All...
  8. avalle

    B4J Question Read an HTML form data array

    Hi I need to read an array of parameters from the payload of an HTML form that is POST-ed to my B4J server. I normally use Dim mydata As String = req.GetParameter("mydata") to read a single parameter "mydata". My payload also contains multiple parameters like...
  9. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question [Server] AddDoSFilter for jrdc2 for a special query

    Hello, i want to set a DosFilter for a special path for example i want to restrict the maxium Request Per Seconds for the login query to prevent brute force attacks. is it possible?
  10. LucaMs

    B4J Question [solved] org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.MessageTooLargeException

    I get this error on server side (b4j). I searched the forum but I found solutions only for client websockets. BTW I don't know how the websocket is created on server side, it is "received from somewhere" in the websocket handler class; although it seems strange to me, is it possible that the...
  11. LucaMs

    Android Question [solved] WSS - Trust anchor for certification path not found.

    I have a b4j websocket server certainly reachable from outside my network (I mean that I don't have problems with ports, firewalls, ...). I created the keystore as decribed in this tutorial (more precisely as described in wiki.eclipse... linked in that tutorial) and I get that error message...
  12. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question How to Open my App over a link over my B4J Server

    Hello, on B4A side i know it from here. But as long as I do not have a website that can show this, I want the app to run without the browser opening. From Stackoverflow, from this post, i know it is possible. How can i handle this with my B4J Server?
  13. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Tutorial Firebase Service (Server) Example

    Hey, this is an example/tutorial of a Server that manages Firebase Subscribtions, Unsubscribtions and SendMessages2Topics with the Power of B4J Server! The advantage is, requests are processed very quickly (barely waiting period), I do not have to start a script, save resources of the VPS or...
  14. avalle

    B4J Question [Server] How to disable directory listing?

    I am implementing a server application and I want to suppress the directory listing that Jetty returns by default when browsing to any folder inside the server's www folder that doesn't include an index.html file. I searched the forums but haven't found any suggestion. Is it possible and how...
  15. avalle

    B4J Question OAuth2 Authorization Server in B4J

    I need to implement an OAuth2 Authorization Server in B4J but I only seem to find threads on client implementations (e.g. B4J which authenticate to public OAuth services like Google or Facebook). Is there anyone who has done or tried this already and want to share some ideas, starting points...
  16. Star-Dust

    B4J Tutorial SERVER IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

    With the first steps on JAVA, my first program was an IRC SERVER. Subsequently I have evolved it and it has become the base to realize a SERVER for webchat. I developed for a couple of years in JAVA and then abandoned the language. It's been over 14 years since then. Many friends have suggested...
  17. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question WebSocket library error on connect [Official Library]

    hi everyone , i am trying b4a with websocket server using libwebsocket on C++ , but show message : Server 404 not found on android application . why it happens ? both are incompatible ?
  18. Kenny Ali

    Wish A new and actualized example to connect with Ms SQL Server

    Hey guys, mi wish is --I think-- very simple. A new, simple and actualized example to connect with Ms SQL Server. I've been trying to connect B4A with Ms SQL Server since 4 days ago now. I receive support from the community and try everything that they suggest me, but they make references to...
  19. Kenny Ali

    Android Question Connecting B4A with Ms SQL Server

    I was trying to run the tutorial example of Erel: But when I try to test if the script were working by calling it from the browser gives me this error: HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found You can not access the...
  20. avalle

    B4J Question Server app hosting in Azure

    I'm trying to host a B4J server app in Microsoft Azure Web App cloud. I've followed the instructions to host in other VPS services but I can't get nohup there. Has anyone done it successfully?