1. H

    Android Question KeepAlive on the service

    I'm finishing making an alarm app - in fact I've already finished -, but I wanted the warning to be displayed instantly, without going through other pages. I achieve this by placing KeepAlive on the page that will display the warning, after loading everything. It happens that the alarm becomes...
  2. mohsen programmer

    Android Question Failure to recognize code module methods

    Hello I use the following code in Service_Create in my starter to send a notification with firebase: Sub Service_Create Try CallSubDelayed(FirebaseMessaging, "SubscribeToTopics") Catch End Try End Sub There are also functions in this service (starter). In these functions...
  3. M

    Bug? [B4A] Intent Based Camera stops working in certain conditions 🤯

    Hi everyone, I'm using this method by @Erel to take a picture from Android in my app released months ago. Since some days, some customers told me that the "take picture" button is not working anymore, randomly. After some investigation in my code, I could not find the problem... the only thing...
  4. Duque

    Spanish Receptores VS Servicios

    Hola Según esta discusión nos esperan problemas con Android 12+ El debate es sobre los servicios y receptores después de android 12+ Según lo que entendí me puse manos a la obra para actualizar... yo tengo una aplicación donde el usuario configura un recordatorio, este lo programo de la...
  5. M

    Android Question Start activity in service when screen locked android10+

    Hi everyone I am trying to make an app that will start activity even if the screen is locked with password when a specific text message is received. I'm using service intent filter for sms receiveing and it work fine when phone is on Tank's for any help
  6. H

    Android Question Android ends service!

    I'm just writing to try to understand when a service running in the foreground is disabled by the Android system. I developed an alarm app and after choosing the text and time data for the alarms, I close the app and only its service is running in the foreground, sometimes it works for a day...
  7. Cainsoft

    Android Question Android API 33 - services/receiver vs http

    Hi, I had a problem for which there was no solution: Somehow I managed to get a service to run in the "foreground" under Android 13 (API 33). What's interesting is that this service doesn't stop...
  8. Hosein_Mghr

    Android Question Automatic software launch

    I have a project that needs to enable auto-start by the user and check that auto-start is enabled Asking to enable autostart works fine but I can't figure out if autostart is enabled or not I used the following Sub to get auto launch permission : Sub CheckAppAutoStartSomeDevice Try...
  9. naengi

    Android Question HttpJob timeout in receiver

    Hello I use HTTPJob in the receiver There is no problem when the program is running and all requests are sent correctly But When I close the program, I get a timeout error or Unable to resolve host error 😑 What is the problem? And one more question, is it still possible to run a service in...
  10. M

    Android Question Clicking on the notification and running the service

    Hi How can I create a notification with a big image using a library: which when clicked run a service without bringing up any activity?
  11. M

    iOS Question BLE SetNotify does not return anything

    Hi everyone, i've used BLE library with Android and i have the necessity to use the SetNotify method. On Android this method return a boolean value to tell if the operation went ok or not. On iOS seems that the SetNotify method does not have a return value. I use the return value to wait for...
  12. S

    Android Question How i can create service always in background without notification

    Hello, I have searched the forum but I have not found an example that makes me understand how I can create a hidden service that is running even when my application is closed (or opened) where I can call a web service and check some data, and only if my condition it is true to display a...
  13. erraticless

    Android Question Freezing app while phone screen off

    Hello, When i run my project (an activity with a service) in release mode in my Samsung Galaxy S20, after about 3 minutes of screen turned off, the complete app just freezes for a few seconds (or even minutes sometimes) until i turn on screen again, and then the program continue working...
  14. G

    Android Question How to kill a service permanently

    Hi, I am using MyLocation as a basis for my project. I want to stop and kill the service when the user stops the program. This is what I tried: In tracker.bas: Sub Service_Destroy ' Service.StopAutomaticForeground CancelScheduledService(Me) StopService (Me)...
  15. swChef

    Android Example Custom Intent Provider Requester Services, updated for Android 11 (API 30)

    Not long ago Don provided example Provider Requester Activity based communication via Intents. Although that Activity version had some hints in it for Service based version, it took several additional steps to get it working (Service Intent must be explicit, which may reflect more on my...
  16. b4x_android

    Bug? Failed to get gattService. the BluetoothGatt return with no services

    Hi I could not get the BT services list the code line 65 return null Because code line 57 return BluetoothGatt with services size 0 I know for sure that the BT Device I am working with is working properly This is my first task in a new job and it is very important for me to solve it as...
  17. epiCode

    Android Question Ideal Background Service Setup

    I am using B4XPages in my project. There is a TTS module which is supposed to play even when screen is turned off. It plays for a while then pauses and resumes only when screen is unlocked ( probably as long as tts queue is clear) So after a lot of forum search - using a service seems to be the...
  18. FPGdevs

    Android Question Play Games services available for a non-game app?

    Is there a way I can implement google play games achievements and leaderboard into an app that is listed on the play store as an "app" and not as a game? In the play console, play games services are visible to me only when I set the app's type to game.
  19. Valentino.b

    Android Question Forward a call on Android (B4A)

    Hi all I would like to create an APP to forward an incoming call. F.e., after working-hours, if the call coming from a specific number or a list of numbers or a prefix, then I need to forward the call to another number. Dim PE As PhoneEvents Sub PE_PhoneStateChanged (State As String...
  20. catamitu

    Android Question Runtime connect widget to a service

    Hello! I am working to a project for creating and recalling sound profiles on my android. My question is: it is possible to "connect" a service to a widget in the moment of adding this widget to homescreen? in other words, when i add a widget to homescreen, a list of radiobuttons appear and i...