1. D

    Android Question I try SpeechRecognitionNoUI as Service

    Hello! a greeting to the whole community! First of all, I am not a native speaker. I hope I can make myself understood. I am needing to use SpeechRecognitionNoUI as a service so that I recognize words with the screen off. I am new to android and b4a so there are some concepts I still need to...
  2. H

    SetServiceAttribute如何确定参数?How do SetServiceAttribute determine parameters?

    我在关于服务的教程 中看到android10 +系统中的补充要求的解决方法: 内容中提到了要使用SetServiceAttribute解决问题,但是我不知道它的参数该如何给. 如图,后面的2个参数我无法确定.我搜遍了整个论坛也没有找到相关说明.请问有什么渠道能了解呢? =================================================== I saw a solution to the additional requirements in the android10 + system in the tutorial on services...
  3. Mrphone

    Android Question StartActivity From Service (Android 10-9)

    hi everyone :) I use the StartActivity(....) command in the service. Works well on low Android, but does not work at all on high Android (9-10) and nothing happens What method should I use to start an activity? (Suitable for high Android)
  4. Alessandro71

    Android Question StartAtBoot initialization sequence

    I have a service (not the Starter service) set to #Region Service Attributes #StartAtBoot: True #End Region In Service_Start I need to access some globals that are initialized in the Starter Service. Can I assume that the Starter Service is always started first than a service that is set...
  5. K

    Android Question Service Contenxt Error at CreateFileProviderUri

    This Code run perfectly when call from activity. Sub CreateFileProviderUri (Dir As String, FileName As String) As Object Log(Dir & " : " & FileName) Dim FileProvider As JavaObject Dim context As JavaObject context.InitializeContext...
  6. OliverA

    Android Question #Extend, Accessibility Service, Starter Service - oddities

    Note: I'm playing around with #Extend to extend a B4A service directly with Android's AccessibilityService abstract class. Initially when the application is installed via the IDE, everything seems to work, and the inline Java routine onAccessibilityEvent calls the B4A's svc_accessibility...
  7. I

    Android Question Does Wait For (job) JobDone(job As HttpJob) work in service while screen is off?

    The background location tracking example code works fine in its own. The service stays alive and it keeps on getting GPS location as well. What I want to do is send this location to a web service to save the location data. The code to fetch location is unchanged from the example. The only...
  8. I

    B4A Library Wrapper for Doki/Don't Kill My App

    If you have worked on an app that has a service that needs to be running all the time, you must have gone through the delightful experience of different phones killing your background service in different ways, despite taking all the corrective measures. I get negative reviews routinely on Play...
  9. M

    Android Question Services Destroyed after 2 minutes

    Hi everyone i didn't understand why after two minutes that my app is in background in logs appears this: ** Activity (chat) Pause, UserClosed = false ** ** Service (starter) Destroy (ignored)** ** Service (httputils2service) Destroy ** ** Service (connectivtymanager) Destroy ** ** Service...
  10. M

    Android Question Geofence foreground doesn't Work

    Hi everyone, i'm taking a look to @Erel example on Geofence ( I'm trying to change it in order to implement it as foreground service, in this way TEORICALLY the OS can't kill my process...
  11. M

    Android Question Continous background GPS tracking

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an app for quite a whille (before the update), and i quitted beacuse the SO kill my foreground process while the app is in background, so after an random period of time it stop working. I wish to know if there is a way with the new update to prevent the OS to kill my...
  12. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question #StartAtBoot: True doesnt seem to work

    I have a php web server that happily sends Firebase Push Notifications when a new record is created for a particular customer. These appear when the Android app has been started manually, allowing clients to know when there is something demanding their attention, as the clicking of the...
  13. M

    Convert a Java (Android Studio) App into an Android Service

    I need an Android Studio Service written (actually just converted) to do a very simple task. I have an Android Demo App (written in Java in Android Studio by the supplier) to demonstrate that their bitmap converter library we bought actually works. The library is there and it does work in App...
  14. S

    Android Question How to make SQL object reusable

    I am using SQLITE with B4A. I am using the database in multiple activities. I have created a service to contain my database object. StartAtBoot is set to True. sqlManager #Region Service Attributes #StartAtBoot: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be...
  15. hatzisn

    Android Question Distinguish bluetooth connection/disconnection from start service at

    Hi everyone, I have the question as described in the subject. I have this code in manifest: AddReceiverText(sBT, <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.bluetooth.device.action.ACL_CONNECTED"/> <action android:name="android.bluetooth.device.action.ACL_DISCONNECTED"/> </intent-filter>)...
  16. ManSua

    Spanish Ayuda ** Service (httputils2service) Destroy **

    Hola gente. Espero que las fiestas de navidad y fin de año estuvieran de película. Quisiera pedir ayuda y preguntarles si alguno ha enfrentado problemas que se le destruya una de las librerías y el resto del código sigue funcionado. ¿Como lo han resulto? EL MENSAJE QUE INDICA EN EL LOGS: **...
  17. I

    Android Question Service gets paused when app is updated

    My app has a service which has StartAtBoot=True. It used to be a sticky service, but since the app now targets API Level 26, it uses Service.AutomaticForegroundMode = Service.AUTOMATIC_FOREGROUND_ALWAYS instead. The service has a persistent notification icon. The problem is whenever a user...
  18. senat56

    Android Question Service is killed in 3-7 minutes, what is wrong?

    Good day dear programmers. (I use Google as a translator, so do not swear strongly) Briefly, there is an oreo and you need a service that will check a certain URL every 20 seconds and cause a certain action. But the current code does not work much time, oreo kills it. What not so please tell me...
  19. C

    Android Question Sending SMS in the background

    Is it possible to send small SMS messages in the background without the application having focus, and the phone, not being switched on (i.e. running, but in standby) Thanks, Colin
  20. carlos7000

    Spanish Ejecutar un servicio de forma intermitente [solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Deseo crear un servicio que cada 'n' segundos se conecte con un servidor y solicite información para saber si hay pedidos. Ya leí los tutoriales de estos links: Intent Filters - Intercepting SMS messages in the background...