1. S

    German b4a APK Decompilieren Decrypt Quelltext Sichtbar machen

    Moin, gibt es eine möglichkeit seine mit B4a erstellten APK's zu schützten? Ich denke mal das muss von B4a aus kommen beim Compilieren? So kenne ich das von anderen Programmiersprachen. Oder sind alle APK von Basic in Java decompilierbar? Gruß Sascha
  2. Reckless

    Android Example Creative UI/UX Designs + Source Code

    Well, from today I am here to help you create more beautiful applications. B4X Family is a wonderful yet very simple tool for designing functional and beautiful applications I have been acquainted with B4A since 2010 and whenever I wanted to migrate I could not go to Android Studio and I did not...
  3. alirezahassan

    B4J Tutorial [B4J] - Lottery for Telegram (Source)

    Hi all, Used to make a lottery in Telegram. You can expand the UI of this app and use it like TV lotteries. for example: (Be sure to watch the clip) this zip file has a Source code. ‍Please like this post to increase my motivation. :) You can subscribe to my Telegram channel to use my text and...
  4. MarkusR

    Share My Creation B4A Clock 24 Widget

    Here is my 24 hour clock as Widget Project. V 09.03.2018 i useing a dot for the seconds now and i set the service as foreground. (it is possible that this Widget drawing also if it is not visible, i am open for improvements ..)