1. Guenter Becker

    Android Question SQLite Crypto

    Hello to you, I'm working with SQlite Version 3 and as known this kind of database has no encryption or password protection. But there is an enhanced clone of the native database as a GitHub Open Source Project is's called SQLiteCipher. The Documentation says that it is working like a standard...
  2. S

    Android Question Import or read db with 1.000.000 and more records

    Hi, i have a csv file with 1.000.000 and more records. My initially idea is read and copy the records into my sqlite database, because i want my records locally, but the file is too big and the app crash (450 mb). What is the best way to copy locally or it's better to read remotely this file...
  3. gezueb

    B4J Question B4j Sqlite missing write permission?

    I have made an B4j programm that reads and writes into a local sqlite database. The database is located in the path c:/sql in a windows 10 installation. The program works perfectly when compiled and executed in the IDE. However, it fails to insert data into the sql database (without exception)...
  4. S

    B4J Library Open street map viewer

    see https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/open-street-map-viewer-gps.127827/ a B4Xlib for B4A and B4J to view Open Street Map
  5. S

    B4A Class Open Street Map viewer - GPS

    Hi, This b4Xlib contains a custom view (cvMap) which can display Open Street Map. The tiles are retrieved from the internet and cached in a database. You can add shapes and images on the map. UI : - Lat/lng Center of the map - Zoom Level - Compass Direction with rotation - Scale - Button...
  6. LucaMs

    B4i Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    Version: 1.04 02/03/2021 https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-lmb4xcombobox.116767/post-729765
  7. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    Version: 1.04 02/03/2021 https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-lmb4xcombobox.116767/post-729765
  8. Daniel44

    Android Question [SOLVED]How to Sum the items of a listView (Not count them)

    Hi everyone I'm working with a listview (I know that I must not be working with a lv but a clv but I guess If I work wit a CLv I'd have the same issues:)) I fill it by adding addTwoline with spinners value (spName and spPrice) LV1.AddTwoLines(spName.SelectedItem,SpPrice.SelectedItem) and...
  9. D

    B4J Question Sqlite - LIKE case-insensitive for not English letters

    here is my sample code, but the result is not as expected #Region Project Attributes #MainFormWidth: 600 #MainFormHeight: 600 #End Region #AdditionalJar:sqlite-jdbc- Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private SQL As SQL End Sub Sub...
  10. M

    Android Question select date values stored as numbers from sqlite db

    Hi, I store date values as long in a table of sqlite db. Now I would like to select data with the certain date, picked with B4XDateTemplate. So I have a date in format "dd.MM.yyyy". I try with this code, without success: Try DateTime.DateFormat="dd.MM.yyyy" Dim strgDate As...
  11. K

    Android Question Progressbar with SQLite NonQuery

    Hi Experts, This is SQlite Update Code Dim count,limit,offset As Int count = db.ExecQuerySingleResult($"select count(*) from a"$) limit = 100 offset = 0 Do While offset < count db.ExecNonQuery( _ $"UPDATE a SET amt= (update sum values here)...
  12. K

    Android Question Sqlite android.database.CursorWindowAllocationException

    I'm getting this error again. Error occurred on line: 479 (MysqlEntrySync) android.database.CursorWindowAllocationException: Cursor window allocation of 2097152 bytes failed. # Open Cursors=920 (# cursors opened by this proc=920) at android.database.CursorWindow.<init>(CursorWindow.java:136)...
  13. rgarnett1955

    Android Code Snippet Tip: B4a SQLite Database Potholes - WAL File Checkpoint

    Hi B4X'ers I just thought I'd post this tip to warn of a problem I came across when using an sqLite data base created and populated using sqLite Studio. The steps I used were. Created an sqLite db using sqLite Studio on Win 10 pc Set the DB to use the Write Ahead Log journal method (WAL File)...
  14. rgarnett1955

    Android Question SqLite create_aggregate function

    Hi All The other day I wrote a query for sqLite to return the standard deviation of a column. SELECT STD(colFred), AVG(colFred) FROM tblFredsTable ... Imagine my disappointment when I found that sqLite doesn't provide standard deviation or variance aggregate functions. All of the other...
  15. demonio_jack

    Android Question JdbcSQL and SQL are compatible?

    Hello everyone: Today I have a fairly specific question: Are the JdbcSQL and SQL libraries compatible or not? I have been developing an app (android) using JdbcSQL, as recommended, and connecting to a MYSQL server without any problem. However, for a few days now, I have wanted to add to my...
  16. Mashiane

    B4J Library BANanoSQLiteR - Distributing and accessing an existing SQLite Databases - Part 2

    Ola Download Part 1 is here. At some stage we explored how one can distribute / embed SQLite database on their BANano app. These databases are mainly for read only access purposes where one just wants to display data. Here we explore part 2 of the tutorial, however now made into a library...
  17. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoConnect] BANanoSQL+SQLite+MySQL+MSSQL Library

    Ola For a while I have been exploring backend connectivity using BANano for BANanoSQL, SQLite, MSSQL and MySQL. The purpose of this lib is for a one place for all your connectivity with these backends. This library as a couple of class utilities for connecting to BANAnoSQL, SQLite, MSSQL and...
  18. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    lmB4XComboBox is a b4x library (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/100383/#content). It works with B4A, B4J and B4i. It is a modified version of the Erel's original B4XComboBox and allows you to store in it a value for each text item. Not rarely (mainly handling DB data) you need a...
  19. S

    Android Question Get text from Xcustomlistview - SQLite Database

    I created a Xcustom list view as shown in this thread, https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-xcustomlistview-cross-platform-customlistview.84501/ to get data i used SQLite database. To load the layout I used the following code as shown in the above thread, Sub Process_Globals...
  20. C

    Android Question sql delete question

    I have been trying out SQLite and ran into something odd. I have just implemented a Delete function and it appears to work fine. It no longer shows up in specific queries or if I list all records in the appropriate table. However, if I take the database file to a PC and examine it, the rows are...