1. S

    Android Question Get text from Xcustomlistview - SQLite Database

    I created a Xcustom list view as shown in this thread, https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-xcustomlistview-cross-platform-customlistview.84501/ to get data i used SQLite database. To load the layout I used the following code as shown in the above thread, Sub Process_Globals...
  2. C

    Android Question sql delete question

    I have been trying out SQLite and ran into something odd. I have just implemented a Delete function and it appears to work fine. It no longer shows up in specific queries or if I list all records in the appropriate table. However, if I take the database file to a PC and examine it, the rows are...
  3. L

    Android Question SQLiteDiskIOException: disk I/O error (code 1034)

    Hello, I get this error on a service in my application. The error occours sometimes on a SQL EndTransaction: The error is rare, it appens one time in a hour. The transaction is on a sub called by a client socket. What it can depend on? Here the logs...
  4. jroriz

    B4J Question Would you recommend SQLite?

    Well, I intend to rewrite a small POS system for B4J. It will be used by small restaurants, so I don't expect a lot of competing readings and recordings, or a lot of data, and it will be used on a local network. My intention is to use SQLITE, to facilitate the installation, but I never used this...
  5. AKJammer

    B4J Question In Memory SQLite Database

    Hopefully this is a quick question. I'm trying to do some array processing and sorting and think it would be easier to do this within a database environment, but don't want to have to go back to the mySql server for this temporary stuff. I think an in memory SQLite connection would work just...
  6. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet Clean SQLite database, if it grows much

    Long working apps have DB that grows and grows. It must be controlled, when records qty is very big, and most old data should be deleted: Sub Clean_SQL(tables() As String) As Boolean 'Starter.SQL is already open Dim TotalRecordsLimit As Int = 20000 'set yourself according to the...
  7. DALB

    Android Question SQLite Insert seems not to insert

    Hello every pro, I use the code below to insert datas in a table which name is pvpt (for geography) synt="INSERT INTO pvpt(pays,villes,lat,ns,lon,ew,abrv,ajout) VALUES " & _ "('" & _ txtPays.Text & sep & _ txtSaisieNelleVille.Text & sep & _...
  8. DALB

    Android Question Non correct extraction from SQLite (May be)

    Hello everyone, In the code below, when I extract datas from a table, I find a special behaviour decribed here: The log renders the good answers for two datas LAT and LON, but if I try to put them in two EditTexts, the result is 0. Do I miss something ? Thanks
  9. peacemaker

    Android Question Expert system project for Android

    HI, All, Who tried to develop it ? I think, it's very interesting task. For ex., we make: 1) choosing the subject, area for the app - say, fishing (or electrotechnics...)... 2) Develop the database structure 3) invent the interface template for db filling by the expert 4) invent the interface...
  10. D

    Android Question SQL Lite - No Such Column

    I am trying to do a join on 2 different SQLite tables. Here is my SQL Statement: Select * FROM tbl_items WHERE tbl_categories.cl_reference = 'cat01' AND tbl_categories.cl_song = tbl_items.cl_song ORDER BY cl_last_access_time ASC I keep getting the following error...
  11. R

    Android Question Place sqLite DB on external storage (SD Card)

    Hi, I wish to use an sqlite db on a tablet's external sd card. The tablet is running Android Build version 6 with API Level (19 KiKat). I tried ExternalStorage.zip. I had to edit the manifest to a minimum of 19 to get it to install. It now installs and runs, but when I push the Pick Folder...
  12. OliverA

    Wish Enable locking for alternative SQLite JDBC drivers

    This wish is for enabling jSQL's locking for alternative SQLite JDBC drivers. Various methods for enabling this could be (this is a repeat found in my post here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/sqlite-jdbc-driver-with-encryption-and-authentication-support.110565/#post-690205): 1) If...
  13. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Put SQLite BLOB into MySQL BLOB using PHP

    I have an app that stores an image in a SQLite BLOB and happily retrieves and displays it in a form. However I need to push that up to a PHP Webserver and store it in the corresponding MySQL BLOB field. Do I have to retrieve the BLOB, store it locally as a file then Post it to the Server for...
  14. Mashiane

    B4J Library SQLite 2 JavaScript / JSON

    Ola I needed to embed a sqlite db as part of a web app i'm working on, but as JavaScript / JSON. This app helps with converting your sqlite db to javascript. This is useful when one wants to use the data for READ ONLY purposes, my case in point. 1. Add the database that you want to be...
  15. Jorge M A

    B4J Question [SOLVED] SQLite Built-in Window Functions?

    Why is it not possible to run a query against SQLite that contains functions like row_number() or rank() ? e.g. Dim RS As ResultSet=Sql1.ExecQuery($"SELECT ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( ORDER BY cid ) RowNum, ostatus, cid, itemcount FROM orders;"$) Error in Log: DBeavear and DB Browser for SQLite...
  16. Daniel44

    Android Question A unique code for a sqlite field

    Hi Everyone! I'd like to know if exists some function to create a unique code for a field in a sqlite table type of String or number, no matter how long it is. I had thought to collect hour minutes and seconds in a single line to be unique and not repeat but I don't know how to do it. Thank you
  17. Daniel44

    Android Question B4XTable Just a Field Editable

    Hi Everyone! I've been seeing the example of B4Atable editable : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xtable-editable-table-and-export-to-csv.102847/ and it works perfect, but that edits any field that the user wants and I would like to know if it is possible to edit in the...
  18. avalle

    B4J Question [Server] Wait For a SQLite data to change

    Hi, I understand how to use Wait For in a B4J Server Handler. However I have no idea how to pause a server handler class waiting for some data in a SQLite database to change. Anyone so kind to help? Thanks Andrea
  19. DroidLyon

    Android Question B4XTable SQLite update advice

    Hello Everyone I'm trying to understand how best to update SQLite from a B4xtable and would like some advice. I'm struggling slightly because the help docs b4xtable help is showing nothing for me for some reason, plus the closest examples I've found B4xTable load data - loads from sqllite but...
  20. Daniel44

    Android Question SQLite db file doesn't copy in my android v6 sdcard device

    Hi Everyone! Well.. I developed an app and I'm testing it on leapdroid 18 (android 4.4) it works fine.. but when I install it on a real device with Android 5 or 6 my app crashes. It seems the database file is not copied to the sdcard. Im using DBUtils 2.06 and my db file is copied in the file...