1. OliverA

    Wish Enable locking for alternative SQLite JDBC drivers

    This wish is for enabling jSQL's locking for alternative SQLite JDBC drivers. Various methods for enabling this could be (this is a repeat found in my post here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/sqlite-jdbc-driver-with-encryption-and-authentication-support.110565/#post-690205): 1) If...
  2. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Put SQLite BLOB into MySQL BLOB using PHP

    I have an app that stores an image in a SQLite BLOB and happily retrieves and displays it in a form. However I need to push that up to a PHP Webserver and store it in the corresponding MySQL BLOB field. Do I have to retrieve the BLOB, store it locally as a file then Post it to the Server for...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Library SQLite 2 JavaScript / JSON

    Ola I needed to embed a sqlite db as part of a web app i'm working on, but as JavaScript / JSON. This app helps with converting your sqlite db to javascript. This is useful when one wants to use the data for READ ONLY purposes, my case in point. 1. Add the database that you want to be...
  4. Jorge M A

    B4J Question [SOLVED] SQLite Built-in Window Functions?

    Why is it not possible to run a query against SQLite that contains functions like row_number() or rank() ? e.g. Dim RS As ResultSet=Sql1.ExecQuery($"SELECT ROW_NUMBER () OVER ( ORDER BY cid ) RowNum, ostatus, cid, itemcount FROM orders;"$) Error in Log: DBeavear and DB Browser for SQLite...
  5. Daniel44

    Android Question A unique code for a sqlite field

    Hi Everyone! I'd like to know if exists some function to create a unique code for a field in a sqlite table type of String or number, no matter how long it is. I had thought to collect hour minutes and seconds in a single line to be unique and not repeat but I don't know how to do it. Thank you
  6. Daniel44

    Android Question B4XTable Just a Field Editable

    Hi Everyone! I've been seeing the example of B4Atable editable : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xtable-editable-table-and-export-to-csv.102847/ and it works perfect, but that edits any field that the user wants and I would like to know if it is possible to edit in the...
  7. avalle

    B4J Question [Server] Wait For a SQLite data to change

    Hi, I understand how to use Wait For in a B4J Server Handler. However I have no idea how to pause a server handler class waiting for some data in a SQLite database to change. Anyone so kind to help? Thanks Andrea
  8. DroidLyon

    Android Question B4XTable SQLite update advice

    Hello Everyone I'm trying to understand how best to update SQLite from a B4xtable and would like some advice. I'm struggling slightly because the help docs b4xtable help is showing nothing for me for some reason, plus the closest examples I've found B4xTable load data - loads from sqllite but...
  9. Daniel44

    Android Question SQLite db file doesn't copy in my android v6 sdcard device

    Hi Everyone! Well.. I developed an app and I'm testing it on leapdroid 18 (android 4.4) it works fine.. but when I install it on a real device with Android 5 or 6 my app crashes. It seems the database file is not copied to the sdcard. Im using DBUtils 2.06 and my db file is copied in the file...
  10. Daniel44

    Spanish Sumar 2 valores desde Sqlite

    Hola a todos. Soy Nuevo en el foro y en B4A igual. Estoy desarrollando una app que sume 2 valores en ($) que vienen de 2 lugares. Un valor viene de la BD (sqlite 3) y la otra por parte del usuario. Estoy usando la libreria dbutil para conectarme a dicha Bd la cual esta compuesta asi: tabla...
  11. D

    Android Question Android SQLite Database Viewer

    I am looking for an Android Based or B4A (in App) sqlite viewer. I see there is a very old thread from 2011 with one: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/android-sqlite-viewer.9197/#content Is this still current or is there another simple way to view my database?

    Android Question Migration SQLite during app Updating

    Hello, Ok, i know that no Sqlite data will be lost during an upgrade, only when we uninstall the app. But if i need to change the data format between 2 versions, (in this case, add a field) i would have to implement some migration code. what is the just method for doing this ? Thanks Michel
  13. soyVB6

    Android Question Migration SQLCiper V1.50 to V1.60

    Colleagues, I'm pretty worried, I should do this migration from SQLCiper V1.50 to V1.60, as we all know from the 64BIT binary. The problem is generated because the database created in V1.50 will not be compatible with V1.60, so as I do to pass that data to the new database when updating the app...
  14. carlos7000

    Android Question Problem saving data quickly in SqLite

    Hi all. I'm trying to save some of the data I get from the gps in a database. With the following code I have no problems. Query = "INSERT INTO `GpsData`(`Id`,`UnixTime`,`Lat`,`Lon`,`Speed`,`Bearing`) VALUES (NULL,'" & UnixTime & "','" & Lat & "','" & Lon & "','" & Speed & "','" & Bearing &...
  15. carlos7000

    Spanish Problema al guardar datos rápidamente en SqLite

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratando de guardar en un base de datos, algunos de los datos que obtengo del gps. Con el siguiente código no tengo problemas. Query = "INSERT INTO `GpsData`(`Id`,`UnixTime`,`Lat`,`Lon`,`Speed`,`Bearing`) VALUES (NULL,'" & UnixTime & "','" & Lat & "','" & Lon & "','" &...
  16. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoSQLite] SQLiteDB PHP CRUD Class for BANano

    Ola UPDATE 2020-05-19: Please use this library instead Update: BANanoSQLite1 Example If you are opting for MySQL connectivity, BANanoMySQL is available here. My journey finally has led me to complete a basic wrapper that one can use for PHP SQLite access. Initially, we tried...
  17. D

    Android Question Database Error

    I am learning how to use SQLite and DbUtils. I have written code that creates a db and a table. It then writes values to the table. However it does not seem to be able to retrieve them. Not too sure what is wrong with the code, as it is pretty much what is in the tutorial video. Here is the...
  18. trejocode

    Spanish [RESUELTO] OkHTTPUtils2 - MySQL Bloqueante

    Hola, tengo un problema es que no alcanzo a comprender del todo como "Bloquear" una petición HTTP por que utilizo Wait For (Resumable). Miren el caso: Selecciono mis elementos de mi base de datos local, y luego envío los datos a una API pero no se envían de forma apropiada por que, como es un...
  19. trejocode

    Android Question FOR (Loop) and Call a WebService | OkHttpUtils2

    Hello, I have a problem is that I do not understand at all how to "Block" an HTTP request because I use Wait For (Resumable). Look at the case: I select my items from my local database, and then I send the data to an API but they are not sent properly because, as it is a "non-blocking" event...
  20. A

    Android Question [SOLVED] Multiple tables in sqlite database

    Hi Helpers :) I have a sqlite db with multiple tables, I am not sure why but I no matter what I do, I can not read from all the tables in my DB, I have searched in sqlite documentation and saw some examples which are not different than what I have, but for some reason it fails, when I try the...