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Task Manager App Template

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This Task Manager app template serves as an ideal tool for developers looking to create their applications or delve into UI/UX design studies. The template intentionally excludes logical functionalities such as a database or API connection, focusing solely on the user interface.

  1. Splash
  2. Login
  3. Signup
  4. Onboarding (3 Steps)
  5. Home
  6. Task List
  7. "About" Screen
  8. Create New Task Screen
  9. Left menu
  • Subtle Animations
  • Modern and Creative Design:
  • Clean Interface
  • Easy to Modify
This template provides a robust foundation for the development of task management applications, offering not only a modern aesthetic but also an efficient and user-friendly experience. It is particularly suitable for those looking to immerse themselves in the realm of app design and construct their personalized solutions.

Doing this is fun and increases more knowledge and resources on the forum, but there is time spent to create and bring this to everyone. I appreciate any donation, $2, $5, $10.. etc, will contribute

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