1. T

    Android Question Run Timer in sleep LCD or power buton switch.

    Hi, I need an advice. I have an application where there is a timer and after a while it communicates with the server and displays notifications on the screen. Problem: When I press the power button, the application jumps to "Activity_Pause" and the timer does not work. When the LCD screen...
  2. T

    Android Question Timer Stops

    [CODE lang="b4x" title="timer" highlight=""6,7""]Sub timer1_Tick sectimer= sectimer+1 If sectimer==60 Then sectimer= 0 End If currentSec.Text=sectimer lbltimer.Text= sectimer End Sub[/CODE] Timer Stops when I press a button in the activity, Any Help
  3. moty22

    Share My Creation LED Egg Timer

    Seven segments LED display, Arduino Uno or Nano egg timer. Seconds displayed, minutes are set by buttons. Also buttons for start and stop, pressing together MIN and MINx10 resets the display. Alarm at the end of count down switches on a 5VDC buzzer or a LED. The code multiplexes the 4 digits at...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Timer is paused randomly when phone is not connected to our computer to display the logs

    Greetings, Can you look at this small linked B4A project? It's a simple project that has a ticking timer that ticks in the background once every second. This works only when the phone is connected to my computer and I watch the logs so the ticks in B4A with or without the phones screen turned...
  5. S

    Share My Creation click & claim - free bitcoin faucet

    Hi everyone. after several months of work, forum posts, problems solved and money spent, I finally finished my last application in b4x It names Click & Claim, and it is a free faucet for android. The feature that distinguishes this app from the others, in addition to working, is that it saves...
  6. A

    iOS Question Will it be accepted in Apple Store?

    Hi all. I've been working on my project that requires the app to run the timer when the app is in Inactive mode - when event App_Inactive fired. Please see my main module code. I also attached my project. Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be declared once when the...
  7. Programing Center

    Android Question Check is activity Resuming or no?

    Hello i using the PersianTimer library . This Library can Count Down number all the time! it means when activity is Paused, the timer is working too. so i use this code Private Sub timer_onTick(Tag As String,TimeUntil As Int) Time_Finish = TimeUntil Dim seconds, minutes As Int...
  8. saeed10051

    Android Question Phone screen timeout problem

    Hi, I am making an application, using a timer, the application timer works for 60 seconds but before the 60 seconds pass my phone screen time out and turn off as the screen time out is 45 seconds. How can i keep the screen on until the timer is working
  9. D

    Android Question Re-initialize timers question

    Hi, Guys Can someone clarify if it is OK to re-initializer a timer several times within the same activity i.e. TimerName.initialize(....) Sorry about the basic question, but I am sure I read somewhere on forum or in the documentation (an now can't find it) that timers should only be...
  10. BugNot

    Android Question InterstitialAd Disable back button

    Hello, I've problem with back button... When an admob Interstitial ad is displayed, if you press the back button, you can close the ad before the ad countdown ends. I tried with a timer but the activity pauses and the timer does not work. How do I fix this? Thank you
  11. A

    Android Question Timer and GPS timer at the same time in service

    Hi. I'm trying to have two timers working at the same time (GPS timer and another timer). But after a while, only keep working the another timer, and the GPS timer is OFF. it may be because one timer cancels the other? I attach the log (GPS Recibido is when i reseive GPS_LocationChanged and...
  12. A

    Android Question Problem with a timer

    Hi all. I have a small app (this is just an example) that does nothing but runs a timer. It also has 2 activities and my code in Starter runs a timer that checks if both of theses activities are paused. If so - let's wait for 10 seconds a show a message in a log Log("Log Out") The idea is...
  13. rossati

    Android Question Wait for timer event

    I would like to execute some code and wait for it to complete, but I can't use Wait For sub because my application is not monolithic, so I'm trying the Timer, that is when the application ends, I start a timer for some time hoping that this may be intercepted. Unfortunately this does not work...
  14. C

    B4J Question Timer Tick

    Hi everyone, I'm using B4J for the first time and im struggling a lot. I have to implement a programm for traffic lights based on a tcp/ip connection. I managed to do the connection thing. Now I want to program the traffic light. I want to use a simple timer. This is what i've got so far...
  15. Olivier Zeegers

    Android Question Timer

    I am trying to display a stopwatch to the user. The moment the user pushes the record button and want to display in a label the time elapsed in format "hh:mm:ss:ms" and see the time running. I assume one has to create a Timer Object and set it to enabled when the button is pressed and then in...
  16. kokoroayo

    B4J Question Server with automated messaging

    Hi all, I need help on this one please. I have an old VB6 application that runs well for my client. It includes an auto reminder for their clients to keep appointments. Appointment reminders are sent via web based bulk SMS service. For this to happen, i created a small app on the server: 1.. All...
  17. K

    Android Question How to solve the delay of the timer?

    Hi good day, i'm making a personalized stopwatch, but this have a delay. I made a test, i start the stopwatch of the w10 app at the same time of my app in the phone. In sixty seconds of the w10 app, the app of the phone have a delay of two seconds, why does this happen and how can i solve it...
  18. westingenieria

    Android Question function timer

    hi everyone, I have a question relation with function timer, if it is runable or asyntask , anyone to know ??? the best regards.
  19. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Timer in starter service stops ticking after some time

    Hi Everyone, Apart from the default coding that's created when a new app is created, do I need to add anything to keep my timer ticking in the starter service? It stops after a few hours of having the device screen off. Thanks.