1. K

    Android Question How to solve the delay of the timer?

    Hi good day, i'm making a personalized stopwatch, but this have a delay. I made a test, i start the stopwatch of the w10 app at the same time of my app in the phone. In sixty seconds of the w10 app, the app of the phone have a delay of two seconds, why does this happen and how can i solve it...
  2. westingenieria

    Android Question function timer

    hi everyone, I have a question relation with function timer, if it is runable or asyntask , anyone to know ??? the best regards.
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Timer in starter service stops ticking after some time

    Hi Everyone, Apart from the default coding that's created when a new app is created, do I need to add anything to keep my timer ticking in the starter service? It stops after a few hours of having the device screen off. Thanks.