1. yo3ggx

    Android Question Improve B4A speed using the video card?

    Hello. I was not able to find any post in the forum related to this question. Can B4X IDE benefit from a good video card to speed up the compilation? Currently I'm using a nVIDIA Quadro P600, Ryzen 7 2700 and 96GB or RAM, but it takes ~35s for a full compilation of my B4A application (~18000...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Supabase - Storage Files This is a very simple tutorial on how to use the storage file options. Upload File Uploads a file to an existing bucket. Dim UploadFile As Supabase_StorageFile =...
  3. carlos7000

    Wish Proposal for Enhanced Multimedia Embedding Functionality

    Hello everyone, I would like to suggest the addition of a new feature to the forum that allows embedding not only YouTube videos in post messages, but also YouTube "Shorts," Instagram content, and TikTok videos. Currently, we have the option to share horizontal or landscape format videos...
  4. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD_Streaming (DEMO)

    This library is developed in JAVA and is a wrapper of the VLCj library. Is based on the code by @moster67 (see here). It has been reworked to obtain an h.264 streaming from the pc cam, streaming of an mp4 video and finally of the desktop and a portion of it, You must have VLC installed in your...
  5. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD_VideoStreaming (DEMO)

    This library is a rework of the SD_Streaming library which is itself based on a source from @moster67. You must also download SD_Streaming from here with all its dependencies to work. NOTE To the SD_Streaming library it adds a few functions to make some methods simple. In particular, it is not...
  6. carlos7000

    Spanish ChatGPT comparando dos funciones similares

    Quiero mostrarles el primer abrebocas de esta fantástica herramienta que nos servirá de enorme ayuda en el desarrollo de nuestras aplicaciones en B4A Aquí un video del análisis que hizo ChatGPT de 2 funciones similares:
  7. Magma

    Share My Creation RECdesk - Screen Recorder/Video Capture/Grabber

    RECdesk - A simple and solid "utility" to record your Windows Desktop. The whole idea is not mine - there are thousands of those utilities... like ShareX (actually I liked this a lot)... but i think having my utility - you will forget all these.... sometimes simple is better.. Is a very good...
  8. Star-Dust

    B4J Video Conference / Video Streaming (RTSP H.264) / and webRTC

    This is my umpteenth videoconference production between two PCs. In the past I have tried streaming moving images in MPEG and streaming separate audio. It was running very slow and only suitable for local networks. Now I'm testing with H264 audio / video compression and the transmission is...
  9. HassanProgrammer

    B4J Question How to use b4j on vps?

    Hello I want to use b4j on vps for the first time. I want to create a clip making program with b4a so that the user sends a series of information such as photos, text, etc. to the server and this information will be sent to b4j. In b4j and on the server, a series of changes may be made to the...
  10. P

    B4A Library PndFFmpegKit - FFmpeg Library

    FFmpegKit is a wrapper library that allows you to easily run FFmpeg/FFprobe commands in applications. It provides additional features on top of FFmpeg to enable platform specific resources, control how commands are executed and how the results are handled. Original library...
  11. S

    iOS Question iMedia Camera. How to get File name?

    Hello, I am developing a chat that has the ability to send video messages. I used CameraView on Android and everything works and there are no problems, but on ios I found this example , but I have a...
  12. captain hawak

    Android Question show video stream live in panel

    hi i need show my video live from tcp c# to my app android panel and tested (videoview,exoplayer..) and no work from this link( but i test from km player or mx player or web browser good worked this live stream video.
  13. carlos7000

    Android Question Read (WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Video) Files

    Hello. I want to be able to read or access the files inside the folder WhatsApp/media/WhatsApp Video but when trying to get a list of the files in that folder, with this code, I can't. Manifest 'This code will be applied to the manifest file during compilation. 'You do not need to modify it...
  14. S

    B4A Class Class media

    Hi, An easy way to take/record/choose photo/video/audio with this small class (clMedia.bas). No permission needed It uses intents to call default app. 3 constants for media type cPhoto = 0 cVideo=1 cAudio=2 2 constants for origin cNew=0 cChoose=1 1 method to call with 2 parameters (media...
  15. Star-Dust

    Share My Creation ImageLauncer / Small Video direction

    SALE New Version 20€ - Old Version 10€ (The B4A App will be included in the price to be installed on an android device to work from IPCam) Small slide/video direction. New version announced at post 18 It allows you to send images and videos contained in your PC to secondary screens connected...
  16. amorosik

    Italian [B4A] Come fare per realizzare un 'video server' che venga poi visualizzato su pc ?

    Ho visto il post sul Client Video Jpeg e sto pensando come fare per produrre il flusso video usando uno smartphone Android In sostanza vorrei avere uno o piu' telefoni sul campo che 'sparano' milliardi di byte verso una postazione centrale tipo pc col suo bel programma che visualizza in una o...
  17. S

    Share My Creation Folder based Music and Video Player

    Because I dont find an easy to use Folderplayer in the GooglePlayStore I have written my own. You can see and download the Player at The main functions are: ► Play audio and video files ► folder structure ► Sort...
  18. amorosik

    Italian [B4J] Come registrare video pc o video entro finestra pc ?

    Come fare per registrare un video delel immagini che appaiono su schemo pc o immagini che appaiono dentro finestra visibile su desktop?
  19. Ahmet KOÇ

    Android Question webview video fullscreen problem

    Video full screen button is not active on webview. anyone who solved this problem?
  20. Mrphone

    Android Question Video editing

    Hello :) I want to create a very simple video editing program (cutting video, pasting photo or text on video). Has a library been built for this purpose ?? Thank you very much in advance for your help 🙏