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RECdesk - A simple and solid "utility" to record your Windows Desktop.

The whole idea is not mine - there are thousands of those utilities... like ShareX (actually I liked this a lot)... but i think having my utility - you will forget all these.... sometimes simple is better..

Is a very good example of all these you can do with B4X easily:

- Automatically download a Software package - the FFMpeg package (jokhttputils2)
- Unzip it at the right (your application) folder that will not need any permission (jSD_ZipLibray)
- Check if the needed command line is there...
- Create TrayIcon and Menu Options (jSystemTray)
- Run the Executable FFmpeg with right parameters (changing easily) hidden... when needed (jShell)
- Select a Region or Full Screen (using a timer at top-right of the screen - wait for your move)
- Capture Video
- Close FFMpeg with the "right" way !
- Show with explorer the right folder video saved...

Features as Utility:
- Record your desktop as MP4 (codec can change easily, but using this for my purposes: MPEG-4/isom/AVC/High 4:4:4 [email protected]/x264) - K-lite codec support it.
- Select specific Region or Full Screen to Record.

Some pictures:




The Windows Standalone (x64) is Free for all !

Very Easy Source-Code !

Source Code: If you are a Licensed Member of this Forum - get the source-code for Free - from here !

Thanks in advance for your support... gives me "energy" to continue creating...

Stand-Alone: Download from here !

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