1. Jack Cole

    Android Question Can't create Wear AVD

    I've been trying to create a Wear AVD without luck. I first tried to create one for Platform 28. I got an error message that I needed the 64 bit version for API 28+. I couldn't see that available for download in the SDK manager. Then I downloaded the Platform 26 version of Android Wear with...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    Android Tutorial Android Wear Install App via Bluetooth

    Hello, i see here, that many people have problems to install there wear app to his watches. I list the steps that are needed so that you can quickly look up when you need it. Phone: -install the "Google Wear" App for Android -connect your watch with the app -go to "Advance Settings" -enable...
  3. s_kim

    Android Question WearOS watchface service: can I use an activity to use a listview or can I only draw on the canvas?

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the WearOS (2.0) watchface (and I apologize if the question is too basic, but I am new at B4A): I understand that the watchface is a service and I can use the library ABExtDrawing and draw on the canvas directly. But is it also possible to create an...
  4. s_kim

    Android Question WatchFace library (corwin42): unable to remove or change initial watchface examples

    Hi, I have two questions with regard to corwin42's excellent WatchFace library: 1. I installed the examples via the WatchfaceMobile app (since my WearOS watches (LG Watch Sport and LG Watch W7) do not support UBS direct connection) and they work fine. But when I started experimenting (first...
  5. Raywingit

    Android Question B4A 8.5 compile error

    Here is the log: B4A Version: 8.50 Parsing code. (0.12s) Building folders structure. (0.03s) Running custom action. (0.23s) Running custom action. (0.06s) Compiling code. (0.18s) Compiling layouts code. (0.05s) Organizing libraries. (0.66s) Running custom action. (0.06s)...
  6. Sagenut

    Other [SOLVED] Error with AVD Manager Android 8.1

    Hi Everyone. I am having problems trying to execute Emulator with Android 8.1 Image. I downloaded everything, or at least I think so: This is the message I get when trying to execute 8.1 Emulator: I can execute 8.00 Emulator Image without problems. I also have a problem executing Android...