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This is just a minor aestethical correction.
I made some modification to obtain the correct Round Wear OS Emulator Frame.
It will not change your life, but could be useful to have a better graphic rendering of the app.
Let me know if you notice something wrong.
To apply the correction just copy files to
You can then start even your already existing Wear OS Round Emulator and the new graphic will be applied.
Cheers :)

***UPDATE 25/10/2020 ***
- Removed Bezel to show the Full Usable Display
- Made the Second Hardware Button visible and put it together with the Power Button.


  • AndroidWearRound-SKIN.zip
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*** UPDATE 25/10/2020 ***

I found out that the Bevel image steal part of the real usable Display Size.
In order to have the same visual results as on a real Wear OS Watch I removed the bevel to have a Full Screen Experience.
The Second Hardware button was not visible in the original Skin.
It was on the upper part, and you could notice it only passing over with the mouse.
I made it visible and made it with and F on it (intended as Function Button).
The new ZIP is on the Opening Post.
Because of this I suppose that even the Square skin could have the same error.
I will check and produce even the modified Square Skin in the case.
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