1. H

    Android Question Whatsapp Automation

    I tried to make whatsapp send message automatically without user click send button manually, I got the approach of working scenario as the following: - We can build message & send it to specific number and runing whatsapp window, see b4a function here. - Using Accessibility service to automate...
  2. H

    Android Code Snippet Whatsapp Send Function

    I hope this help someone: Sub whatsappSend(mobile as string,msg as string) Dim sendIntent As Intent sendIntent.Initialize(sendIntent.ACTION_MAIN,"") sendIntent.PutExtra("jid",mobile & "@s.whatsapp.net") sendIntent.Action=sendIntent.ACTION_SEND...
  3. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Send message to some WhatsApp number

    Hello, i did it in Android, but i could not find how to do it in iOS. Here is the code in B4A: Dim Intent1 As Intent Intent1.Initialize(Intent1.ACTION_VIEW, $"https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=55${number}&text=${""}"$) Intent1.SetComponent("android/com.android.internal.app.ResolverActivity")...
  4. sdixon

    Android Question reset action_send intent

    I've been working on an application that uses intent to send information via Whatsapp, twitter, Facebook, etc. The problem I've run into is that the first time I run the app, I get a list of all the methods available to send information on my phone. The second time I use the app, I don't have...
  5. demonio_jack

    Android Question Installing B4A App with MySQL

    Hi everyone!!! This is my very first time in B4A and trying to install a small app with MySQL. It's work in debugging environment... but when I compile it to install in a android phone, fail. I'm not sure what I have to do, I've seen a lot of videos and posts but I haven't found "the procedure"...
  6. M

    iOS Code Snippet Chat Layout Example (some corrections needed)

    Hi everyone, i want to share this "chat layout". I hope it will be useful to somebody. It is a translated version from the Andoid one by @Douglas Farias. It has some bugs, that someone can help me to fix. For example i want the CustomListView always display the last element (without bringing...
  7. M

    iOS Question Navbar like Whatsapp

    Hi! I'm trying to understand the various part that make up the navigation between pages in B4i, and the various options. How can I have a nav bar like this: With custom icon and Text (and eventually the notification dot). It's a acutal navbar, or a panel with button inside? (i ask this...
  8. D

    iOS Question WhatsApp Sticker

    How can i create stickers for whatsapp by b4i? https://github.com/WhatsApp/stickers/tree/master/iOS
  9. victormedranop

    Share My Creation Whatsapp ITR (interactive Text Response)

    I made and Interactive text response, made full in b4j. if someone want to try plase add this number +1 809-777-7312 and say hola. still in spanish. will reponse with a full menu. Thanks. Victor Medrano
  10. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Access WhatsApp Folder

    Hello, i am trying to access the WhatsApp folder, in the samsung cellphone its ok i can access, but in the others i can't i tested in a Moto G5, Android 8.1 Log(File.IsDirectory(File.DirRootExternal, "WhatsApp")) return true Log(File.ListFiles(File.DirRootExternal)) return (List) Not...
  11. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question NB6 group notifications

    Hello, how can i group notifications with NB6? For example WhatsApp:
  12. tuhatinhvn

    Share My Creation Good night stickers for WhatsApp

    From this library , i try make my first sticker app https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/add-your-own-stickerpack-to-whatsapp-sticker4w.99555/ Hope get many suggestions from b4a member for my new app! Download from Google Play...
  13. DonManfred

    B4A Library Add your own StickerPack to Whatsapp - Sticker4W

    If you would like to design your own stickers for WhatsApp, you can package them in an Android app. You will need to distribute your app via the Google Play Store or another mechanism. Users who download and install your sticker app will be able to add your stickers to their WhatsApp sticker...
  14. Yeskay

    Android Question openchatwithnumber not working in whatsapp library

    am using Whatsapp1.10 library and whatsapp is not open when i use whatsapp1.OpenChatWithNumber(EditText1.Text). it is getting closed immediately when it is opened.
  15. A

    Android Question Whatsapp stickers

    Hello, Does any body know something about the new whatsapp stickers? How to create a sticker and add it (for examle some image) to whatsapp throw b4a or how to add a custom stickers pack to whatsapp throw b4a? Thanks in advance
  16. moster67

    B4A Library Accessibility Services (assisting users with disabilities, automation etc)

    This is a partial wrap/library for Android's Accessibility Services which you can read about here: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/accessibilityservice/AccessibilityService Android's Accessibility Services is meant to assisting users with disabilities in using Android devices...
  17. carlos7000

    Spanish Grupo de B4a en WhatsApp

    ¿Me pregunto si a alguien le interesa pertenecer a un grupo de desarrollo de aplicaciones B4a en WhatsApp u otra aplicacion de mensajería? Formulé la pregunta debido que estoy inscrito a un par de grupos mas de programación en WhatsApp. Reconozco que el foro tiene una gran cantidad de ventajas...
  18. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question .Left Property on the right side

    Hello, i'm expanding my chat a bit and would like to do the same as WhatsApp. here is a picture, so I save that explain: the width from the label to the text is not the Problem, the problem is, in the Designer i have a .Right Property and this Property is for example "5", if i now change the...
  19. S

    Android Question how to implement "whatsapp for business" with b4a application ?

    hello guys, as of now whatsapp for business is launched in many countries, in my country too(i.e India). i have installed it. i have customer's contact numbers and i want to send a bill as a pdf to customer's whatsapp. but is there anybody who might have any idea on how to implement it to send...