1. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] SD Zebra (printer)

    This library is the result of my first approach with Zebra printers. I started by connecting via LAN (or Wi-Fi) ZPL language. I plan to connect via BLE and perhaps also via USB. Have a good time. For ESC/POS Printer see here The Demo version does not print images, barcodes, raw commands NB...
  2. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Connect RPi to WiFi via code

    With it clear that an Arduino would not support my project and the recommendation that I should upgrade to a RPI covered in the thread rMQTT HostName with query parameters and despite my previous less than satisfactory experience with RPi projects, I'm pleasantly surprised with progress, however...
  3. Guardian17

    Android Question Android App Receiving Data from Arduino

    Moved to the B4R Questions
  4. D

    Android Question wifi and mobile connection

    I have this problem. Device connected in wifi to an esp module, obviously without internet connection I need to retrieve data from an ftp server using mobile data connection, but seems the device only use the wifi with no success, ignoring the mobile data channel Any suggestion? wifi...
  5. amorosik

    Android Question Indoor device position via wifi access-point

    With one or more wifi routers, is it possible to have an accurate position of the smartphone within a room? Suppose we are inside a rectangular-sized warehouse with no shelves or other type of obstacle to radio waves Using wifi access points, one or more than one, is it possible to have the...
  6. MohsenSaber2019

    Android Question Being stuck in PreferWifiRouting

    Hi All. I'm working on connection between ESP8266 and my B4A app. For a proper connection in perent of phone mobile data I should use PreferWifiRouting function that Erel presented here : Erel: If you are using Android 5+ then you can try this solution Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As...
  7. M

    B4J Question Check WiFi connection in realtime

    Hello, I'm trying to check the internet connection in real time but I haven't figured out how to do it. I've searched the forum, looked at some posts but they were all for b4a. I also tried some of them but they didn't work. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Y

    B4R Question Disable power saving in wifi mode "ESP32".

    Hello : I am trying to make tow esp32 communicate with each other throught network protocols. each esp32 connected to same router but when i ping from router to esp32 its show me delay and unstable latency when i search for this problem i see that i can fix it by disabling power save in wifi...
  9. Robioptic

    B4A - coder/programmer needed

    B4A - coder needed- Have an urgent job to do- Google maps GPS- WiFi- Bluetooth coding. Anyone interested pls contact me with your fees and ability-outline to work on this project on : robioptic@yahoo.com. :) Thanks Rob -o-o-
  10. W

    Android Tutorial Hugo - ESP8266 4-button WiFi remote

    Not exactly a tutorial or Android-only, but a hint to the community for those who like playing with home automation stuff, and possibly for others as well. I happened across this very nice device (IMHO): https://www.tindie.com/products/nicethings/hugo-esp8266-4-button-wifi-remote/ and couldn't...
  11. Songwut K.

    Android Question How can I get wifi ssid and mac address list of access point ?

    My hospital finger scan not enough for convenient, I'd like to make solution for sign in/out to work daily. To make some app that scan wifi ssid and get mac address at check in area and take selfie photo to sign in/out. I want some library for my android app. 1) Scan wifi and get ssid with...
  12. M

    iOS Question Check if the WiFi and the Mobile Data are enabled

    How can i check if the Wifi and Mobile Data are enabled (not connected). And what is the event that triggers when one of those two change
  13. james_sgp

    Android Question MQTT lost connection, with good Wifi Signal

    Looking for advice, I`ve been trying an app using MQTT over wifi. I have a strong wifi signal all the way out at 600+m (clear line of sight), but I`m losing connection to the MQTT Broker at about 150m? I`m sending about 10KB on data at a time, and the Broker is responding back with about 2KB of...
  14. Tronak

    B4R Question Arduino MKR WiFi 1010... Hating it. Help please.

    Hi. I was excited when I found an Arduino board featuring WiFi without external shells. I used the ESP8266 before, and worked, but I (erroneously) supposed that this one would be easier. I have included the libraries needed for using the WiFi (SPI.h and WiFiNINA.h), but the B4R says that cannot...
  15. I

    Android Question How to check if WiFi is connected (may not be to internet)?

    I searched the forum and found many examples on checking if the device is connected to internet. In my case, I need to check if WiFi is connected but it could be to a hotspot or printer and so there may not be internet connectivity. What is the proper way to do this?
  16. janderkan

    iOS Question How to programmatically connect to a WiFi network given the SSID and password

    I found this thread but I cannot figure out how to use the information. https://medium.com/@Chandrachudh/connecting-to-preferred-wifi-without-leaving-the-app-in-ios-11-11f04d4f5bd0...
  17. S

    Android Question Receive data from wifi in udp mode

    Hi, I want to display nmea navigation data on an android tablet. The data is transmitted wifi by an AIT3000 AIS and is received by an ipad running InavX. The ipad lives in the cabin of the boat and it's very useful to have a repeater by the wheel, and I want to use an android tablet. Because...
  18. M

    Android Question Connect to wifi without internet

    I have a project with ESP8266 as a Access Point with Wifi connection. It has no internet connectivity. Most mobile phones work good. I have problems with never Sony mobiles (Android 8.1 and 9.0). They connect to the ESP8226, detect there is no internet connectivity and disconnect. I have found...
  19. peacemaker

    Android Question Android server: battery state after uptime of month, 6 months, year

    Hi, All Who tried to use an Android device as the server that has been powered up during several months, or maybe year ? How is the battery state if such usage ? I think, now embedded control systems can be build basing on an Android device (also as server) + wired Ethernet LAN hosts of...
  20. uniplan

    Android Question Scan wifi and MLwifi library

    Hi to all...i need to scan the all wifi around me at the moment and know the ssid. I test the MLwifi library: https://www.b4x.com/android/help/mlwifi.html but the wifi_ScanDone not triggered...why? it necessary or possible to set a time limit to scan? this is my code...thank you Sub...