1. C

    Android Question Wifi communication between 3 devices without router

    Hi, I have a system with 1 smartphone and 2 ESP8266 devices (see figure attached). I do not have router. Is It possible to implement a wifi network between these 3 devices? May be a Direct WiFi (or what else)? Each device has to talk with the other 2 devices. Is It possible without a router? If...
  2. mark35at

    B4R Tutorial Using a Wemos D1 R2 and stepper motor - control over wifi

    This may be of interest to someone. I am using a Wemos D1 R2 in AP mode to serve a webpage to a client. The Wemos creates a server called "Wemos_Server" using the IP When the browser opens this IP, a page is generated with three button: Start, Stop and Reverse. This controls a...
  3. Richard O'Sullivan

    Android Question Create email when not connected without using intent

    Hi all, I have an app that collects data on a tablet - no phone. It will be used mainly without Wifi access except for short periods when back at base. I would ideally like to transmit the data to a server at that time. I've tried to create emails but they go nowhere when not in Wifi...
  4. L

    B4R Question esp8266 Wifi Timeout

    Hi, I have an esp 8266 (Wemos mini) and I'm connect on wifi with wifi.connect2(ssid,pass). Sometimes, the board can't connect to the wifi and my sub stop and wait the response. But on my DHCP Server, I see the board and the server send a ip address. 2 questions : - Why the board wait even the...
  5. A

    Android Question how to detect if wifi is on and enable/disable it

    hi, I need to detect id the user's smartphone is connected to the wifi, and if it not I need to turn the WIFI on. someone knows how to do that? thanks.
  6. johnf2013

    Android Question WiFi configuration

    I have an app which consists of an Android device that processes real time data sent in large packets to it by an esp8266 over wifi. The app also send a few simple commands to the esp from time to time. This all works very well. It has been easy to get the wifi working in various forms using the...