1. H

    Wish Filter in Quick Search

    Hi, thank you for this great Devtools and really good IDE I really like to work with it. As nothing is as good as it can't be improved, I would like it a bit more to work with the B4X-IDE's if there would be a filter-option for text which is not relevant for the code's functionality. Means...
  2. A

    Wish Callback method when app crashes

    I wish a method that is called when the app crashes, like Application_Error in B4A. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/1409609-nssetuncaughtexceptionhandler?language=objc Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Alberto
  3. MarkusR

    Wish Export as Zip with additional libraries

    for exchange or archive projects it is maybe useful to export the whole project including used additional libraries.
  4. Jack Cole

    Wish IDE - Open Modules Send to First or Last

    This is a small time saving suggestion. When dealing with many open modules (tabs), it is difficult to rearrange them at times because they become undocked if you move the mouse too much up or down. Unless you hit escape while they are undocked, they'll be put in to the end of the open window...
  5. advansis

    Wish IDE wishes

    Hi Erel, some suggestions for the b4x IDE, forgive me if they are already present and I did not see them: 1) A keyboard shortcut for inserting/deleting debugger-breakpoints 2) The ability to enable/disable each breakpoint without removing it 3) Conditional breakpoints 4) Compilation (release...
  6. MarkusR

    Wish enumerate custom views in activity

    enumerate through activity objects / views did not return the original custom view class for some reason.
  7. MarkusR

    Wish designer customview parent to a scrollview

    designer can't parent a customview to a scrollview, would be nice to have.
  8. MarkusR

    Wish Class Names

    i would like to use this without the B4X prefix always. B4XCollections, B4XFormatter, B4XTable something like using B4X dim c as Collections <- less code and better readable, better code completion at input dim f as Formatter or dim c as B4X.Collections
  9. H

    Wish Suggestion for a better AutoBackup

    Today, I had been faced by a Auto-Restart due to windows-updates as i had been a few minutes not in front of the screens... I thought 'great' - there is a new Feature called 'Autobackup' which may bring me back unsaved Code-changes... Sadly i had to recognize that AutoBackup did not helped...
  10. Multiverse app

    Wish SMS Retriever API

    Google is removing apps with SMS and CALL_LOG permissions In a recent email, they said: Can this be wrapped for B4A?
  11. MarkusR

    Wish File.Rename and File.Delete(into trashcan)

    i missing a rename in File. also delete into windows/linux trashcan.
  12. MarkusR

    Wish IDE connected to multiple devices

    it seems the ide can connect only to one bridge app. i like to start my app from within ide and it run at all devices.
  13. MarkusR

    Wish info / tooltip at libraries manager for additional libraries

    please make some hint that i know that the library comes not with the ide and from community from additional libraries folder. or maybe a filter all/default/additional. or a tree view. its because license / support & updates and because i put everything for testing in this folder.
  14. MarkusR

    Wish designer propertys from runtime at loadlayout

    hello, i have a great idea to make the designer propertys more flexible / useful. i like to have the possibility to call a sub and the return value is used at loadlayout. i believe other editors would name this input expression / formula. as an extra field /data beside all property types which...
  15. MarkusR

    Wish Support of File Link

    hello, it would be nice if we can use a link to a designer layout file example 1.bjl as 1.bjl.lnk or possibility of a reference to a layout file same as we have for classes / modules (copy / absolute path / relative path after drag & drop)
  16. MarkusR

    Wish Optional .Initialize()

    the normal syntax is Dim Obj As MyClass Obj.Initialize() but i think this part can be optional if the developer will reset/create a new object Obj.Initialize() so the default code would be Dim Obj As MyClass and i saw that if me using a library .Initialize() it not necessary how about a...
  17. J

    Wish Please offer a separate Hotkey for Quick search and split Search from Replace

    Hello Could you please: Offer separate Hotkeys for Search and Quick search? Please split the Search and Search / Replace function. It is really dangerous, that a User execute Search/Replace by accident, although he only wanted to search but was forced to use the Search/Replace dialog, because...
  18. M

    Wish RESideMenu lib

    HI Everyone im glad to join your big community its very nice to be here with the best developers im not sure i post in a right place so anyway I wish anyone help me with wrapping a lib from a github its a very nice lib and its good to be wrap in b4i link of GitHub project...
  19. Javier Alonso

    Wish Pop Up Menu / List Async

    Hi, I wanted to reply to the thread by @TheDesolatedSoul but it is too old to reply. I would like to have the "id" library adapted to the InputListAsync method, if possible, to make menus with a simple inputlist. I have been using the feature widely and I would like to migrate to async. Thanks...
  20. MarkusR

    Wish Libary Names in IDE

    @Erel i like to see if the used librarys are from the Community or Extern Folder i tryed to change the version or name but it is not shown in the ide libary list or run into error at version. can you make that the ide understand this: