1. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Creating a Wrapper from an Android Library

    Hello all, what's the best and updated tutorial to create a B4A LIbrary from an Android library (.jar and .aar)? I found this : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/create-a-wrapper-library-with-android-studio.82831/#content , but it's from 2.017... does still work?
  2. Giorgos_xou

    B4J Question Any Library Wrapper ?

    Hello people, I am trying to use an Additional-external library with B4J and the only ways i found out that i can, is either by using "#AdditionalJar: jocl-2.0.1.jar" or as i understund by this post, by making a wrapper from the source code using the "B4J_SimpleLibraryCompiler.exe". I was...
  3. ruut

    TensorFlow Lite

    I am considering to follow this free top notch course on TensorFlow, created by Google and Udacity Lesson 7 is about TensorFlow Lite. Are there any plans for supporting TensorFlow Lite within B4X? If so, this would make it more interesting for me to take the course.
  4. Marco Nissen

    Beta PDFium - Pdfview2

    Regarding the new PDF library wrapper by @DonManfred Hi, I still get the ontap issue - if I tap the pdf, I get the error below with the sample code (no change) java.lang.Exception: Sub pdfium_ontap was not found. at anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.raiseEvent2(BA.java:202) at...
  5. Marco Nissen

    Wish New Wrapper: AndroidPDFViewer

    Hi can somebody work on a wrapper library for https://github.com/barteksc/AndroidPdfViewer ? That one is licensed as Apache 2.0, and provides scrolling, zooming, etc Thanks Marco
  6. peacemaker

    Wish Just ideas for wrappers

    HI, All Just list of the views that may be wrapped for B4A, if any Java programmer is interested and can: 1) https://github.com/DingMouRen/LayoutManagerGroup 2) https://github.com/CleverPumpkin/CrunchyCalendar 3) https://github.com/saket/InboxRecyclerView 4)...
  7. R

    Android Question Upload in webView (WORK)!

    Hi all, I found a way (in a somewhat accidental) to run the file upload in a WebView. I have used WebViewExtras and WebViewExtras2, but in the .b4a project file I have declared FIRST WebViewExtras2 and THEN WebViewExtras . When, the code are whis: Sub Globals 'These global variables will...
  8. moster67

    B4A Library Ruler Picker

    Android custom view that uses a ruler for picking the number from given range. Easy to integrate: Add the attached libraries to your Additional Library folder. Refresh the library pane and select the library. Add the view in your designer as a custom view. Add properties, functions in your...
  9. moster67

    B4A Library B4AClayView - Crop and image trimming

    B4AClayView - Crop and image trimming And here is another Image Cropping and Trimming-library :). You can use this to trim the outline of an image and create your own custom shape. You can also undo your previous trimming actions. Source/Creator: https://github.com/line/clay I wrapped this...
  10. G

    Android Question Wrapper for a RFID reader SDK ?

    Hi, I'm new to B4A and one of the projects I've been working is to develop a simple app for RFID Reading and external database insertion of the results, using an existing reader and its sdk, witten in Java. So far I've looked upon Wrappers, using external java libs and using java inline code in...
  11. K

    Android Question What does the term "Wrapper" actually refer to ?

    I understand that in some cases a Wrapper must be created to have an external 3rd party jar file used in a B4A project. When referring to that as a "Wrapper", is it in fact the XML file that defines the methods in that jar file ? In other words, what goes into the Library folder is the 3rd...