1. rwblinn

    C/C++ Question [SOLVED] How to assign value to Class Member from local Callback

    EDIT: Solved = See post #6. Note: Removed the attachement as the reworked B4R library will be shared in the B4R Libraries forum. This is question is related to the partial wrapping of the ESP32 lib Legoino to B4R lib rLegoinoBoost. The lib Legoino requires callbacks to access device property...
  2. Ibrahim Saleh

    Library Wrapping Team

    So the latest news about B4a being free is totally amazing, I a lot of people must be appreciating it I know I am. That being said I think to get to the next level b4x must have a robust combination of libraries since that is one of its best features. The current libraries are advance and can do...
  3. peacemaker

    Android Question SDK wrapping full algorithm

    HI, All Who knows the complete algorithm of the Java SDK wrapping for B4A, excepting the base main Don's post ? Including the requirements to B4A classes... And .aar files... For example, i was trying to hope to be able to make some Java SDK working in B4A, i could do: 1) Eclipse installation...
  4. J

    How much do you charge for wrapping the DialogFlow SDK?

    How much will you charge me for wrapping the DialogFlow SDK? Please serious offers, I do not guarantee that you will do the job, I'm looking for prices first. More links: https://dialogflow.com/docs/sdks
  5. moster67

    Android Tutorial Wrapping Kotlin code and libraries for B4A

    In this thread, I am publishing a series of 3 videos to show you how you can wrap Kotlin code and libraries to be used within your B4A-projects. In order to really appreciate the content, you should already have some knowledge of wrapping code/libraries for the B4X-platform. I am not actually...