1. LucaMs

    Android Question XUI - B4XCanvas

    How to set anti aliasing for B4XCanvas? I tried this example: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-create-a-round-image.85102/ and the result is bad - both circle and image.
  2. giofram

    Android Question B4X: cross-platform and socket managing features

    Dear B4Xers, we need to create cross-platform UI; we need to work with sockets in the background also. A typical example of our hypothetical application is an app where a disabled person "explores" an ever-changing UI that is dynamically generated to learn how to use different types of controls...
  3. DroidLyon

    Android Question Dynamically creating tabstripviewerpage tabs with XUI customlistview

    Hi all I'm trying to dynamically create a number of tabs based on content from a SQLLite database. These tabs are then populated with data into XUI customlistviews and where I attempt to lazy load as per Erels guide here Rather than hard code and use multiple designer created clvs and events...