Wish Expose HintText and SetTextSizeAnimated in B4XView


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Hi Erel
The title says it all

Now I use to write code like this:
Sub SetHeader(oText As Object)
#IF B4a
    Dim tText As EditText = oText
    tText.Hint = Translate("Enter Values") ' defined somewhere, not important
#Else If B4i
    Dim tText As TextField = oText
    tText.HintText = Translate("Enter Values")
#End If

    Dim bText As B4XView = tText

#If B4a
    tText.SetTextSizeAnimated(500, 24)
#Else If B4i
    bText.TextSize = 24
#End If

    ' other settings of B4XView properties
    bText.Color = Colors.Yellow

End Sub

but i would be great if, in a future release, we can:
Sub SetB4xHeader(bText As B4XView)

    bText.HintText = Translate("Enter Values")
    bText.SetTextSizeAnimated(500, 24)
    ' other settings of B4XView historic properties
    bText.Color = Colors.Yellow
    ' and so on...

End Sub

In B4a, SetTextSizeAnimated could be a wrapper for the omonymous method, whilst in B4i it could simply set TextSize property.

Thanks for your great work.


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+1, Hint is needed