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I have a simple ABMTable where i load some data, 20 for each ABMPagination page.
Problem come when i try to sort a column. When i sort column data are sorted not in the order i've inserted these (In first load items are inserted in correct order).

Some code to clarify my problem:

Initialization of the table:
Public Sub ConnectPage()


    Dim pagination As ABMPagination
    pagination.Initialize(page, "pagination", 10, True, True, "")
    page.Cell(2, 1).AddComponent(pagination)
    Dim btnRemoveSort As ABMButton
    btnRemoveSort.InitializeFloating(page, "btnRemoveSort", "mdi-action-highlight-remove", "transparent")'ABM.ICONALIGN_CENTER
    Dim table As ABMTable
    table.Initialize(page, "tblElements", True, True, True, "tbl")
    table.SetHeaders            (Array As Object    ("ID",          btnRemoveSort,   "Codice",        "Descrizione",     "Note",        "",            ""          ))
    table.SetHeaderThemes       (Array As String    ("headTheme",   "headTheme",     "headTheme",     "headTheme",       "headTheme",   "headTheme",   "headTheme" ))
    table.SetHeaderHeights      (Array As Int       (50,            50,              50,              50,                50,            50,            50          ))
    table.SetColumnVisible      (Array As Boolean   (False,         True,            True,            True,              True,          True,          True        ))
    table.SetColumnSortable     (Array As Boolean   (False,         False,           True,            True,              False,         False,         False       ))
    table.SetColumnDataFields   (Array As String    ("",            "",              "codice",        "descrizione",     "",            "",            ""          ))
    table.SetColumnWidths       (Array As Int       (0,             1,               250,             0,                 0,             0,             0           ))
    table.IsBordered = True
    page.Cell(3, 1).AddComponent(table)
    LoadTable("", 1)


End Sub

LoadTable Sub:
Private Sub LoadTable(SearchedText As String, CurrentPage As Int)
    Dim table As ABMTable = page.Component("tblElements")
    Dim sortCol As String = table.GetSortColumn
    Dim startItem As Int = maxRowsTable * (CurrentPage-1)
    Dim result As List
    'result get data here
    Dim altRow As Boolean = True
    For i = 0 To result.Size-1
        Dim record As Map = result.Get(i)
        Dim row As List
        Dim rowTheme As List
'=============Log Current Inserted item=============
        For k = 0 To record.Size-1
            Log(record.GetKeyAt(k) & ": " & record.GetValueAt(k)) 'Order of items logged doesn't the order of items in table 
        '***INSERIMENTO CELLE***
        Dim btnOpen As ABMButton
        btnOpen.InitializeFloating(page, "btnOpen" & i, "mdi-image-remove-red-eye", "transparent")
        Dim btnDelete As ABMButton
        btnDelete.InitializeFloating(page, "btnDelete" & i, "mdi-action-delete", "transparent")
        '***AGGIUNGO TEMA***
        If altRow Then
        End If
        table.AddRow("uid" & i, row)
        altRow = Not(altRow)
End Sub

Items logged when sorting for column "Codice":

id_elemento: 335
codice: z yod 1344
descrizione: magna nec quam. Curabitur vel lectus. Cu
note: eget, volutpat ornare, facilisis eget, ipsum. Donec sollicitudin adipiscing ligula.
id_elemento: 201
codice: Z tod 8110
descrizione: id risus quis diam luctus lobortis. Clas
note: nec quam. Curabitur vel lectus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et
id_elemento: 355
codice: z tod 7692
descrizione: egestas a, dui. Cras pellentesque. Sed d
note: vulputate, posuere vulputate, lacus. Cras interdum. Nunc sollicitudin commodo ipsum.
id_elemento: 344
codice: Z tod 5209
descrizione: ultricies sem magna nec quam. Curabitur
note: libero. Proin sed turpis nec mauris blandit mattis. Cras eget
id_elemento: 92
codice: Z sod 6181
descrizione: dolor. Fusce feugiat. Lorem ipsum dolor
note: malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Fusce aliquet magna a neque.
id_elemento: 126
codice: Z rod 9332
descrizione: diam luctus lobortis. Class aptent tacit
note: tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.
id_elemento: 257
codice: z rod 2404
descrizione: et nunc. Quisque ornare tortor at risus.
note: mi tempor lorem, eget mollis lectus pede et risus. Quisque
id_elemento: 163
codice: z qod 9962
descrizione: enim nec tempus scelerisque, lorem ipsum
note: vulputate ullamcorper magna. Sed eu eros. Nam consequat dolor vitae
id_elemento: 169
codice: Z qod 4465
descrizione: diam lorem, auctor quis, tristique ac, e
note: sit amet orci. Ut sagittis lobortis mauris. Suspendisse aliquet molestie
id_elemento: 13
codice: z nod 7705
descrizione: libero et tristique pellentesque, tellus
note: cursus a, enim. Suspendisse aliquet, sem ut cursus luctus, ipsum
id_elemento: 239
codice: Z nod 6480
descrizione: at pretium aliquet, metus urna convallis
note: nisi a odio semper cursus. Integer mollis. Integer tincidunt aliquam
id_elemento: 12
codice: z nod 3064
descrizione: sollicitudin a, malesuada id, erat. Etia
note: sem molestie sodales. Mauris blandit enim consequat purus. Maecenas libero
id_elemento: 60
codice: Z lod 0468
descrizione: tristique ac, eleifend vitae, erat. Viva
note: Cras pellentesque. Sed dictum. Proin eget odio. Aliquam vulputate ullamcorper
id_elemento: 339
codice: z kod 8174
descrizione: mauris, rhoncus id, mollis nec, cursus a
note: quis, pede. Praesent eu dui. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et
id_elemento: 34
codice: Z kod 5070
descrizione: et nunc. Quisque ornare tortor at risus.
note: nunc nulla vulputate dui, nec tempus mauris erat eget ipsum.
id_elemento: 303
codice: z kod 2970
descrizione: magna. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, conse
note: malesuada vel, venenatis vel, faucibus id, libero. Donec consectetuer mauris
id_elemento: 22
codice: Z jod 6853
descrizione: nibh dolor, nonummy ac, feugiat non, lob
note: egestas hendrerit neque. In ornare sagittis felis. Donec tempor, est
id_elemento: 200
codice: Z jod 5611
descrizione: enim consequat purus. Maecenas libero es
note: eu, odio. Phasellus at augue id ante dictum cursus. Nunc
id_elemento: 116
codice: Z god 3980
descrizione: auctor ullamcorper, nisl arcu iaculis en
note: fames ac turpis egestas. Fusce aliquet magna a neque. Nullam
id_elemento: 28
codice: z god 3696
descrizione: lorem semper auctor. Mauris vel turpis.
note: mollis vitae, posuere at, velit. Cras lorem lorem, luctus ut,

Items in table after sorting for column "Codice":

As you can see first row should have code "z yod 1344" instead of "Z god 3980".
I can't understand why it happens.
Checking in chrome console i found this error when i load at first time the page.

Someone have an idea why it happens?


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This is looks like an error in the sorttable library I'm using. It looks like it is trying to get a property from a non existing thing.

Just as a test:
1. instead of row.Add("") try row.Add("{NBSP}")
2. give the el1, el2 and el3 also a note (so that every column in the table is filled with something)
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I had tried your suggest but the result is the same.
Excuse me for ignorance, but if in table initialization "usingQueriesToSort" is set to true, why the table anyways try to sort the column in automatic?
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