B4J Question [ABMaterial] Input Component BUG


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Hi guys,

@mindful already posted this as a BUG in the Feedback website a while back,


but the proposed solution of
MyTheme.Input("simple").ExtraStyleInput = $"width: calc(100% - 4rem) !important"$
Does not produce the desired effect.
I pasted the most pat of yesterday's after-dinner sarching for a way to solve this, to no avail, BUT I have maybe found the "why" it doesn't work...
I read "some place" that the Text Field of the input container inherits its witdth from the CELL component and it kinda overrides any other CSS that is aplied trying to change the width.

For now, I "solved" my problem by placing the "icon" outside the textfield, and it looks kind of nice… but it doesn't solve the underlying problem.


So… Where's the question, I ear you ask???

Since the bug report is over SIX months old, and that @mindful has not confirmed that the proposed solution works( at least for him, since it doesn't work for me), does anybody have a solution for this issue?