B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] My mini course on YT.


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I see that many people are asking how to write an application using ABMaterial I created a small course on Youtube. I tried to convey the examples of creation by slowly using new ABMaterial components. Subtitles in Polish are added to the films, which can be automatically translated in YT.
The list of videos will be expanded. The movies have no background music, I don't know if it's needed. I don't know why I have blocked comments on YT.

My playlist ABMaterial

1. Label, Input, Button
2. NavigationBar
3. Container
4. List
5. SQLite with List
6. Table + DB
7. Table + pagination
8. Modalsheat
9. ABMDatetime + ABMradioGroup
10. ABMTabs + own icons
11. Upload and Download file
12. Image - Slider, FlexWall, Card, Picture in table
13. ABMChat + MQTT local server. Many users, many chat windows..
14. ABMCalendar + data in KeyValueStore


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There is no sound, there are subtitles.
You can enable translation.
Is there any point in adding an audio track in Polish?
Add background music? Is the sense?
All comments are welcome.
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Thank you very much for your words.
However, this is your greatest merit for creating a great tool for others.
I just want to help beginners in a small way.
I will gradually add more materials, I think more and more advanced showing the power of ABMaterial.

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Hello @MichalK73
Is it possible to share these examples with their codes?
For those who have a little knowledge, it may be easier and quicker to follow sample projects.

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May I ask why there is no ABM b4js/ABM Custom Componet/ABM Web Page
such three item in [Project] > [Add New Module] > [Class Module]
I used B4J v7.32 on WinXP
Thank you very much.