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Assuming you have a page, like a profile which contains a user info like his pics and names. Below are some comments from other users. If you click the name of one them--users who made the comments--it is suppose to show the profile of that another user you just clicked. What is the appropriate way to handle this? Should I just call the "ABMShared.NavigateToPage(ws, "", "../Profile/")" in a component event? Will it will refresh accordingly and this time with the info of another user? I asked because, I put the database query in my own Sub, BuildContainer, which is being called by the ABM Sub "ConnectPage()". The problem is, when the "ABMShared.NavigateToPage(ws, "", "../Profile/")" is called through a Clicked event of a label, the "ConnectPage()" is not called. Thus, the database query is not called, so there's no changes.



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You could use a modalsheet - in the same page - to show what you want...
Post your relevant code so we can see what you are trying to accomplish...

Just stating what you want to do - does not provide a clear picture of how you are going about it...
Everything is possible here, when one understands how to achieve.
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