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Hi all,
I have problem my source code after ran my widget.
Sub BtnSearch_click
   'if Questions.get(i) is checked will shown Answer.get(i)
   Dim i, row As Int
   Dim lstQ, lstA As List
   Dim Amt As Double
   Amt = 0

   lstQ = Questions.Get(CurrentPage)
   lstA = Answers.Get(CurrentPage)
   pnlAnswers.Visible = True
   lblPlant.Text = Plants.Get(CurrentPage)
   Dim pnl As Panel
   pnl = container.GetPageObject(CurrentPage)
   Dim scv As ScrollView
   scv = pnl.GetView(0)
   Dim i As Int
   Dim txt As String
   txt = ""
   ' added Step 4 because you have 4 views per row
   ' so should check only every 4th view
   For i = 0 To scv.Panel.NumberOfViews - 1 Step 4
      row = i / 4
      Dim chk As CheckBox
      chk = scv.Panel.GetView(i)
      If chk.Checked = True Then
         If txt <> "" Then
            txt = txt & CRLF & CRLF
         End If
         ' answer in one line
'         txt = txt & CRLF & CRLF & lstQ.Get(row) & CRLF & "    " & lstA.Get(row) 
         ' answers in x lines
         txt = txt & lstQ.Get(row)
         Dim str() As String
         str = Regex.Split("\+", lstA.Get(row))
         Dim j As Int
         For j = 0 To str.Length - 1
            txt = txt & CRLF & "    " & str(j)
         Dim Val1, Val2, Total As Double    
         Total = 0
         Dim edt As EditText
            edt = scv.Panel.GetView(chk.Tag * 4 + 1) ' the view with index 1 is the EditText
            Val2 = edt.Text
         Dim z As Int   
         For z = 0 To str.Length-1
            Dim TargerStr() As String
            TargerStr = Regex.Split(" ", str(z))
            If IsNumber(TargerStr(1)) = True Then
               Val1 = TargerStr(1)   ' checks if the number is in TargerStr(1)
               Val1 = TargerStr(2)   ' or in TargerStr(2)
            End If   
            Total =Total + (Val1 * Val2)
         txt = txt & CRLF & "    "&"ซื้อจำนวน"&" "&edt.Text&"  ชุด"
         txt = txt & CRLF & "    "&"ยอดเงิน:"&" "&NumberFormat(Total,0,2) &" บาท"
         Amt = Amt + Total
      End If
    AccuTxtAnswers=AccuTxtAnswers & CRLF & CRLF & txt
   txt = txt & CRLF &"ยอดเงินรวม:"&" "&NumberFormat(Amt,0,2) &" บาท"
   lblAnswers.Text = txt
   Dim h As Int
   h = stu.MeasureMultilineTextHeight(lblAnswers, txt)
   lblAnswers.Height = h
   scvAnswers.Panel.Height = h
End Sub

Please help me looking for the problem which is belows

Best Regards
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It looks like your problem might be from Val2. If the user doesn't enter a Double in edt, then the error is with Val2.
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Error is occurred after I changed the db

Hi all,
Please look at the "Capture" picture belows,I selected only the blue rectange (only line 1-6). The red circle could to be val1. The line 2 is used for "Test1" picture which has error.The line 3 is used for "Test2" picture which has the same error and the line 4 is used for "Test3" picture which has not error. (In picture Test1-3 ,the number could be val 2)

P.S. the line 4 and line 5 are not have error because they have only one "+".
if my English make you terrible,please give me up.

Best Regards
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Still not work?

Hi all,
Here is my sourcecode.
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The problem is in your inconsistent data.
You have blank characters where there shouldn't be one and on other places multiple blank characters !?

Example: one blank character at the beginning and three blank character in the middle (I replaced the blank character by a dot).

You are splitting on " " and get
TargerStr(0) = ""
TargerStr(1) = "แซม(100-130ซีซี)"
TargerStr(2) = ""
TargerStr(3) = ""
TargerStr(4) = "380"
TargerStr(5) = "บาท"

You must either clean up your data ot modify the splitting function!

You should learn to debug your programs:
- Run the IDE in Debug mode.
- When an error appears the program stops and shows the wrong line in yellow.
- Hovering above variables you'll see their content.
- In your cas the program stops in the line 492
- Put the cursor on TargerStr(1) and click on it and you will see the image below

and see the content I have shown above.

Best regards.


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Hi Klaus,
Many thanks for debug technique. I have never used it before because I don't know debug mode and release mode are different? Now I will read your guide,I think surely,must have. Thank you again everything ,you help me.

Best Regards
Theera :)
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